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Proposal #1

Multimedia Applet Program Sponsorship and

    The purpose (problem) of this proposal is five-fold:
1.   To propose a change to the House Presentation options regarding fantasy race
2.   To propose a change in the way in which Elftown users interact on topics like roleplaying, creative writing, and art discussions.
3.   To propose a brand identity of 'd20' for Elftown from Wizards of the Coast.
4.   To network with Wizards of the Coast for licensing rights to use copyrighted D&D materials in fan-fiction uses, while providing links to media.
5.   To integrate and network with (Community and RPGA) and & (for 3D rendering community input for Jashnia-based RPs materials.

    The proposed solutions include:
1.   See Elftown Clans > RP Council > Fantasy Race GOP and Minorities
2.   See below info on 'Multimedia Applet Program'
3.   See below info on 'd20' brand identity proposal
4.   See #3
5.   See 3DRPG_Network

Wizards / D&D Copyright Licensing Usage Rights:
1. Needs of the Project:
2. Project Objective:
3. Assumptions of the Project:
4. Necessary people to have involved:
5. Risks:
6a.   Scope -
6b.   Schedule -
6c.   Cost -

RPGA / Wizards Network:
1. Needs of the Project:
2. Project Objective:
3. Assumptions of the Project:
4. Necessary people to have involved:
5. Risks:
6a.   Scope -
6b.   Schedule -
6c.   Cost -

Elftown Clans as Fantasy Race:
    a. Elftown Clans
    b. Fantasy Race GOP and Minorities
    c. RP Council

Multimedia Applet Program:
1. Needs of the Project:
    a. Programmers - 3DRPG_Network
    b. Infrastructural support & platform (wikipage - stylesheet - program applet - user-interface)
    c. Cohesive communications between parties
    d. Multimedia creations
    e. Schematic layouts
    f. Support from Wizards of the Coast for ‘d20’ brand logo identification and use of terms/media, and from Elftown Mayor/Creator, [Hedda]

2. Project Objective:
    a. To formulate, outline, create, and manage a multimedia online network for Creative Writing / RPG, based out of the advanced wikipage system of, with a full multimedia toolset for moderators/creators/players, along with support and funding from Wizards of the Coast as a ‘d20’ brand subsidiary.

3. Assumptions of the Project:
    a. Funding & support from for d20 support and sponsorship & licensed terms & media
    b. Involvement of programming parties, successful integration of workspace and media, applicable integration of original concepts and platforms

4. Necessary people to have involved:
    a. Henrik – Elftown Programmer
        i. Volunteer programmers/crew
    b. Jim – Lightbox editor
    c. Self – media coordinator
        i. Nicholas – media creation, managing
        ii. Jennifer – media creation
    d. Reps for Wizards – concept, branding, media licensing (D&D, d20)

5. Risks:
    a. Unsuccessful platform integration
    b. Unpopular changes/updates to Elftown infrastructure / media
    c. No backing from Wizards/Community/RPGA
    d. Faltering media creation timetables / content
    e. Competition from other companies / products

6. A Project because:
    a. Scope – integration, creation, coordination, monies/volunteers, implementing, evaluating, renovations
    b. Schedule – short-term and long-term
    c. Cost – Volunteering, and sponsorship, personal investment

To be integrated:


Problem – There is no current multimedia outlet for creative writing and RPG (Role-Playing Games) fans, no current sponsorship of funds / corporate identity for wikipage-based writers & gamers.
Approach – Seek Wizards of the Coast / Dungeons & Dragons / d20 Brand Sponsorship and funding for Wikipage RPG material and IT infrastructure; Develop multimedia outlet/applet/plug-in multi-function web tool to create, maintain, and expand RPG material, member usage, creative writing projects, and user-interface multimedia integration; seek voluntary developers / members / multimedia creators to help build and maintain the site and its content usage; hold and develop a user-interface that adequately represents the character-moderator-game relationship and presents multimedia content and effects to future Elftown member wikipages and RPG materials; Develop and maintain IT infrastructure; integrate current RPGA & Wizards Community media and platforms.
Benefit – Elftown: sponsorship, a super-advanced wiki system / multimedia host, volunteered upgrades. Wizards – upgraded platform for online gaming systems, expanded web presence and outlets (Lysator networks).


Work Tasks – Contact Wizards, Contact Hedda, develop changes to be made to wikipage interface and multimedia toolsets, implement changes, develop media and RPG content, maintain and renovate user-interface and usage elements of the multimedia gaming system.
Deliverables – Advanced member user-face options, advanced multimedia toolset program / applet, integrated media and style-sheets in renovated wikipage format, volunteer media creation & hosting.
Schedule – 3 to 6 months: analyze user-interface and current program layout and integration capabilities; 6 months to 1 year: develop toolset, advanced user-interface, wikipage renovations; 1 to 3 years: develop and maintain advanced wikipage content and host volunteer sessions, utilizing and recording media and content usage for later analysis; 3 years to 40 months: analyze and renovate previous ideas, methods, and dictate course of action for future improvements.
Organization – Jim (programmer – software/applet); Hedda (programmer – site); Wizards Staff (funding, sponsorship, content license releases), Will (content/media creator, coordinator), Staff (potentially volunteer – content and media creation, development, maintenance)
Prior Experience – Jim (19 years); Hedda (10 years); Wizards (30+ years); Will (4 years – wikipage, 12 years – RPG)
Equipment & Facilities – Personal equipment for development and hosting. Expansion equipment funds preferred for future expansions and updates. No facilities necessary at first setup– communication (distance comm. via web / cellular); future facilities preferred for RPG hosts and moderator staff.


Labor – program applet creation, integration and maintenance; Hedda (site host, primary investor); Will (secondary investor, voluntary development, integration, and future salary coordinator/maintenance); Wizards (tertiary investor – funds, brand name identification and licensing)
Subcontractors & Consultants – Wizards Staff (1-3 years invested development and maintenance).
Equipment & Facilities – personal facilities (distance communications) and equipment, except as listed above (materials).
Travel – none
Overhead – none
Escalation – none (reviewed every 18 months after inception).
Contingency – None
Fees & Funds - None

The objective of this project is to formulate, outline, create, and manage a multimedia online network for Creative Writing / RPG, based out of the advanced wikipage system of, with a full multimedia toolset for moderators/creators/players, along with support and funding from Wizards of the Coast as a ‘d20’ brand subsidiary. This will be accomplished through proper programming and full integration of a multimedia hub hosted through an applet process on an advanced wikipage setup with a stylesheet-based format. Moderators and site maintainers will continue to create and host media, and maintain and develop interaction and use for the site’s many capabilities to users.

The deliverables of the project include:
• A successful proposal to and agreement with Wizards of the Coast for ‘d20’ brand identity, legal licensing, sponsorship, and support in content use and licensing;
• A networking and continuous contact between site creators, maintainers and individuals involved on the project;
• An applet-style program infrastructure which utilizes multimedia and networking to host live-chat discussions about media in real time, layouts depicting the infrastructure and guides on how to achieve the best results in a multimedia networking communications applet on the original site,; and
• Content, media, site infrastructure created by members for member use and continuation.

The milestones of the project will include:
• Connection and online networking of site planners / hosts
• Proposal Agreement and project plan outline accepted
• Wizards’ d20 brand licensing for content usage
• Successful creation of multimedia host applet program
• Successful integration of applet into wikipage infrastructure
• Completed manual of use and interaction
• Content – media, multimedia, plotline, moderators, players (members)
• Program success in integration and action for use.

The technical requirements of the project will include:
• Host server platform
• Program (applet multimedia)
• Public relations and user help/FAQ
• Successful maintenance and moderation of future interactive and multimedia sessions
• Integration with both Elftown and Wizards media and platforms

The limits of the project will include:
• Voluntary Wizards’ legal structure and sponsorship
• Interaction between platforms
• Integration between all parties
• Any limitations set by Hedda

Exclusions of the Project will include:
• Current CAD-specific Lightbox applet functions
• No paid member fees (not-for-profit site)
• Any exclusions set by Hedda

1. Networking project members and communicating proposal ideas and concepts
2. Proposal acceptance and custom events
3. Scheduling all project milestones
4. Applet program creation
5. Launch applet program
6. Seek volunteer moderator-users, network and communicate ideals/usage
7. Applet program success and maintenance
8. Elftown world creation & expansion
9. Wizards recognition of sponsorship and licensing of Elftown
10. Wizards/RPGA integration
11. Upgrades and expansion

Username (or number or email):


2007-03-04 [xido]: <URL:stuff/dnd-fae.pdf>
Requires Adobe Reader 8 for best possible viewing and communications.

PDF Comments / User live chats example.... no good for interface upgrade.

2007-03-04 [xido]: This proposal was crafted from a school project I did for 'Project Management' Class, which is still in session. By the time I am done with the class, this page will have all the necessary info (though with some things about money that I can't fake on the assignment by saying that Elftown is not-for-profit).

This page will go through numerous edits as time passes.
I wish to include all of the ideas from Realm of Role-Playing Games here, as user-interface upgrades.

I am also hoping to net Hedda into considering a Wizards 'd20' brand identity and content usage rights, as well as a long-term goal of creating a hosted multimedia applet that would run from one specific wikipage window, and would set the bar for multimedia communications and discussion.

There are a plethora of ideas here, each one being its own unique entity. Do not be confused by how many will come up, there will surely be many.

2007-03-10 [Stephen]: I like it, but I still don't know how Hedda will react...

2007-03-24 [xido]: I will worry about that part when the page is finished.
Thanks for commenting. I need input. Real input, and cold, hard facts.

In RRPG, we talked about user upgrades, like sub-houses (characters/personas), a small uprade to the wiki-page, which would allow a Moderator to utilize automatic sub-page linking (as if it were a series of chapters, or a plotted storyline), and a few other points. I loved them all.

Earlier, we talked about a multi-dice rolling mechanism like the current wikipage d20 roller, which would give 4-6 values for the rolls d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and d100. I proposed a roller applet, and the programmers even shut me down, so we abandoned the idea of a new-window dice roller that posts rolls in automatically (and locked, or stickyed to the page upon Moderator options) in favor of the advancement of the current d20 single roll.

I believe that sums up the old business that I remember viewing in the RRPG pages.

New business:
- stylesheet (with RRPG Graphics theme) for Elftown Member use
- Program applet (and the similarities & differences from WorldGen. This program will have to be developed without cost, because of Elftown's non-profit nature, and in an independent work group. I know a few programmers, and I have been talking about this idea to a few of them. I still need more input, however.

Stylesheet Group:
   - [xido]
   - [Artsieladie] ??
   - [Sunny Silverunicorn] ??
   - []

Program applet (Project Elfviewer):
  - media viewer (pdf, word, image, text, chat)
  - Blender port (.blend interface)
  - compare feature (advanced wikipage - 'View Diff' - apply to media)
  - Mapping media (based on wikipage & subpages) - 'Rooms', 'Areas', 'Lands', 'Worlds', 'Realms' (box, zone, map, world map, realm map)

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