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Prometheus review

So this movie is sort of a prequel to the Alien franchise, if you've seen any of those/heard about them. It isn't a direct tie, and it doesn't really follow the themes to any of those films, but the creatures that pop out of chests are seen a few times during the film.

It's also not as gory/scary, I found. There are a few thrilling parts, but it's more understated psychological stuff in this film, mostly centered around David - an AI created in the image of the man funding the trip to the foreign planet. It's not very blatantly talked about, but the themes of humanity, religion, and fate, are all brought up in one way or another during this film.

Just like Prometheus was punished by the gods, these explores too are punished for trying to discover their origin, and face many perils and hardships throughout the film.

The ending is very open, so I expect a sequel, especially since it seems to be doing fairly well at the box office. We'll have to see. I enjoyed it, and I wouldn't mind viewing a sequel. It was shot beautifully, and I enjoyed that it wasn't all about shock value.
/ [Akayume]

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