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The Project: History and expectations

Project peninsula started in may 2009. Its roots go back to 2005 when i started discussing the "ideal game" with a friend. The end-objective of this project is to create a fully-working demo-MMO capable of supporting up to 100 or so people.
To that end, i want to create a series of single-player games in which to flesh out the classes I'm working on. While working on these "mini-games" i will be adding to the universe of the game, the quests, the characters and, in general, how the MMO will feel like from various perspectives.
The game-play of each class should be so vastly different, that the player should feel like they are playing a completely different game altogether, depending on what class they would pick. I wanted to add totally new game-play elements like party-based characters, party vs single character combat and a non-lethal pvp abilities (you may tie-up your opponents).
As an example:
The assassin wil be able to climb trees, scale walls and blend into masses of people, not unlike the main-character and the gameplay of assassins' creed.
The defender will NOT be able to climb trees or scale walls (he wears heavy armor and ALOT of weapons) however, he will command up to 5 other defenders (controlled by a mix of player-input and AI) to help him form an impenetrable wall of steel and manliness- similar to that seen in "the 300".

The assassin's view of the world will be that of sculking in corners and laughing at the petty meat-bags from underneath his hiding-place, while the defender would go about and face his enemies in a toe-to-toe way that would make the boldest assassin seem cowardly.

General information: PPgeneral

*Background: Two races (humans'n'Giants) separated in different factions battled for supremacy at one point in the near past.
Invaders arrived in HUGE ships bent on killing/spreading the faith in their one god. Being vastly outnumbered, all the factions
of the two races formed an uneasy alliance and are currently trying to survive/kick the invaders out.
Each race has its own classes, each class should have a vastly different playstyle.
*Humans: of the same species (if not race) as the invaders. They pray to the seven (for lack of better gods?) and have deeply embedded
mistrust of the giants. Some are chosen by nature itself to serve as its guardians (ranger class).
*Giants : as tall as men on horseback and of similar proportions. They are a tribal society and benefit from the company of their fellows.
they believe everything is connected and everything has a soul, they are partially in tune with nature, but only because of their leaders
(the shaman)
*Classes (short overview): Assassin Arcanist Berserker* Defender Kensai Knight Shaman* Ranger (OBS: classes marked with * are available only to the giants. unmarked classes are available only to the humans)
~Assassin: hailing from a variety of backgrouds, (every last one shady) assassins live by killing to kill.
Their main damage mittigation technique is stealth. They are the stealthier of the two stealth classes (other is ranger)
They base their damage on poisons, hit-and-run tactics and the fact that their opponents' atacks can (usually) be dodged.
~Arcanist: Masters (somewhat) of the arcane, their powers were initially only used in the construction of large structures.
In combat they evade damage by creating shields, flying/jumping away and creating illusions of themselves or others.
They can create manipulate the kinetic energy of the world, but only to a certain extent. Their most proeminent
combat ability is their capacity to create an explosive ball from thin air and detonate it at will.
~Berserker: Young giants thirst for blood. Not only as food, but also as entertainment. The main way giants comunicate
is by screaming/grunting at eachother. Elder giants don't need to say much, but younglings are chatty, usually
resulting in incredible ammounts of noise. Berserkers mittigate damage by killing the opponent
(and sometimes using shields). They usually kill by unleashing a flurry of blows, each one strong, each one quick,
but none aimed.
~Defender: Dedicated comatants who live to die for the group. They mittigate damage by means of shield, heavy armour, and
tactical positioning. They never fight alone, only in squads (3, sometimes 6) and are a walking armoury of sorts.
They pick off far-off opponents with crossbow and/or javelin fire, lower shields and spears when charged, move to
short-swords for short-range and knives when on the ground. They also have a trade-mark two-form shield.
~Kensai: Masters of two-handed sword combat, they live by a certain code of conduct witch is bred into them during their training.
They are the only ones who can mittigate damage coming from any direction, however, that mittigation is done solely
by sword. Some select kensai use a two-handed sword in main hand and a one handed sword sword in the offhand.
~Knight: Masters of mounted-combat, they may take on a squire (npc/low-lvl knight) to aid them in combat. Innitialy,
they were trained as specialist troops to fight aginst giants in flat-terrain. They base their defences on shield,
heavy armour and the speed and strength of their mount, but they are by no means useless on foot (the squire, however, is)
~Shaman: Elder berserkers learn the way of things in time, through personal experience and from the gods they bow to.
The shaman master the elements, or at least a part of them. They fight in a reserved manner, not wasting much energy,
but having tricks up their sleeve for any sort of situation. They are, however, most usefull for their rituals and potions.
They command winds fire and the earth itself, can create potions elixirs oils powders and much more.
~Ranger: Although technically human, rangers are the protectors of nature and live (to some extent) to serve it. Some regrow
their human roots, but never completely- such rangers fight in small groups (max 3). They base their defences upon
stealth and ranged-combat. They maintain range by a vast array of traps and their innate swiftness through off-road areas.
*Specialisations(general overview):
~Assassin: ~Hasisin:disguise, swiftness, quick-kills, counter-atacks
  ~Brigand: traps, ambushes, up-front(-er) combat, brutality
~Ninja: poisons, kicks, swiftness, stealth, get-away tricks

~Arcanist: ~Kinetics: fly jump toss lift armour/weapons improvement (jedi-ish)
~illusions: images of self/others/monsters or landscape trees/lakes/bridges etc
~grenadier: explosives, armour, special mount, special equipment (cannons/rifles)

~Berserker ~viking-like : shield+one-hand
~screamer : v quick rage-gain, extra shouts
~crusher : strength, slow rage gain (for a giant) two two handers (trees/two-handed axes etc)

~Defender ~Spartan: mobility, extra mitigation, spear & charging specialisation
~Marksmanship : leader gains a repeater crossbow (BIG BIIIG weapon) least mitigation, high range speed/accuracy
the true defender-> ~Preeemptive defence: slowest, most well-defended, extra counters, extra mitigation

~Kensai ~Musashi: strength, rage gain, two weapons
~Quickness: quickstep mastery (bleach-like) q-step-associated atacks and counters extra mobility
~Horse-archery: the mounted samuray; bow-mastery, horse-mastery, and bonuses for mounted combat.

~Knight ~European: lots of armour, slower, heavy mount. Lance and wep+shield fighting.
~Asian: Slashing atacks from quick mount, shorter spears+javelins, bow&arrow from horse.
~don-quihote: anti-giant/large target fighting emphasises mount speed and getting away after a hit

~Shaman ~aquamancer: potions and other brewed items, weather manipulation- storms, flash-floods
~elementalist: mastery over earth and fire large scale AOE effects
~ritualist: mastery over shamanic rituals and chants, also gains some necromacy know-how

~Ranger ~shadows: stealth, illusions, sniping, instant movement
~nature: traps, tracking, mobility (climbing, running, etc) non-lethal abilities, animal companion
~humanity: leadership, martial knowledge (formations) better hand-to hand combat

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2009-11-29 [Evolution X]: I believe that is all

2010-09-20 [Tekkon KinKreet]: ok... with all of this... i would think it would be a programming nightmare...

2010-09-20 [Evolution X]: I totally agree with that statement.

2010-09-20 [Tekkon KinKreet]: glad i'm not a programmer... the idea of this sounds neat though... but would it be like... warcraft/world of warcraft? cuz.. like the defender thing... controlling yourself and partially controlling the other people is kind of warcraft-ish, then the berserker and a couple of the others very much would belong in wow, but then you have the assassin and knight seem like they would belong more in a setting like onimusha...

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