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Estantia's Stories


For a friend.

Estantia's Stories


Why can’t I show my true feelings for the one I love?
The hair, oh such a luxurious brown, wafting about her shoulders
Those perfect eyelashes... so fine and beautiful, long and lovely.
The eyes themselves, sparkling with laughter and joy.

Those heavenly eyes spot me looking, they hold mine and take on a different
Thoughtful, wistful...
Could it be?
Could it be that my feelings are mirrored?

My attention is drawn down her face as she walks towards me...
She stops, shocked,
Only just realising we’re in a crowded room where we will be
Shunned for showing our feelings.
I don’t care, but I must protect her.

I take her by the hand and draw her away,
No-one will notice the absence of two people.
We draw into the shadows and the magic moment of a first kiss...

But how I wish that I could kiss her in the daylight.
So all the people could envy our love...
We are condemned to always remain in shadows.

I am never to stand in the sunlight
With her in my arms as I do now,
Never to see myself in her shining eyes.
Never to see my female face reflected in hers.


Estantia's Stories

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