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Prayer Room

Welcome. Here you may write a prayer or follow the link below to light a candle.



Light a candle, pick your preferred color, leave a message or prayer.
You may light a virtual candle for any ethical purpose you wish. The act of doing so, by your conscious will, will be the same as if you actually lit a candle in your home.
When you light a candle, the color is your choice. Remember, a candle is only a tool of focus.
The real power lies within your own conscious mind.

Light a Candle For Peace

Your Prayers

To the Goddess and the God.
Though this may not be the usual format, I cannot have a ritual due to my location. So instead, I offer up this prayer to You and so that others may read it and perhaps help. My boyfriend Mike really needs a job. He's applied to several places without success, until last Saturday. He had a job interview, which was exciting, but they told him to fill out an application, turn it in and they would get back to him later. It's been almost a week and they still haven't called. He's been unemployed for over seven months. Last night he asked me to pray or to help him in whatever way I could. because of my location, a proper ritual would be nearly impossible, so I turn instead to you who may be reading this, that you too will offer up prayers. Thank you, and Thanks to the God and Goddess.
In love and trust,
[Cailet Rille]
So mote it be.

Lord God and Lady Goddess.
I ask for your guidence in my times of need. The stress and everyday wisshy-wasshy going on around me is getting to be to much. I ask that you please let me meditate easier to remove myself from a bad situation, and place myself in a state of peace to do what needs to be done. To be a good servent of your ways, I need to meditate and make myself see the good in what is around me. I also ask that you please help those around me to understand your ways and not to judge what they see or do not understand. Please help to make them see the goodness that is You.
[eyes of frost]
so mote it be.

Lady Goddess, i thank each day since I have found you. Please grant me love, patience, and wisdom for those that do not understand and accept my choices. Help me accept the ones that judge me, and heal the wounds they have caused. And help me dry the tears i have spilled.
Help me to help others and give back all the happiness you have given me.
So mote it be.

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