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Poster Design Contest

Contest owner: [Cloudwatcher]

This is a contest for a poster. The poster can be almost anything, anime, realism, animals..whatever.. it has to look like a poster, not just a person or somthing you drew. Posters should look balanced. If you wish you may put a brief statement about your posters story. Posters mainly have more then 1 person or animals, showing the main persons and a villan of some sort. this is not nessisary but will improve your chance. Have fun doing this! Good luck!



[the crazed artist] w00t! 1st!

[Silver Wind] 2nd!

[Fire-n-Ash] 3rd!

[winners will be sent the badges!! Thanks to everyone for entering!!]



1.)Most be poster format. {if you dont know what this means, bascily the picture must look balenced)

2.) No extreme nudity, no hentai, no extreme violence

3.) Stories that are wirtten with the poster, can only be a small paragrah, fyi, 5 sentences.

4.) Limit of 3 entries

5.) If you do use fanart in this, you must put where it came from.
for fan art, you may create a poster with all your favorites, no tracing, and/or copying what so ever!! if you are caught doing any of this you will be disqualified.



Entries: GOOD LUCK!

1. [Falx] Woo! First Entrant! I hope this is what you mean. This is a concept design for a story I am writing in conjunction with [itoe]. The story is available at my Wyvern's site. The characters you see here from left to right are: Grezzen gor M'lanin, Eldezar D'Mazra, and Shandor Don'Ishla.

2. [Raiko Fire] a poster/banner thingy I made for As the Night Goes On <--- tis a vampire story. The girl on the left is Hana and the guy on the right is Riku
2b another for As the Night Goes On

3. [Chel.] This is just a little story in my head that I've worked on for a few weeks now.

4. This is KLR, my character is the purple one. The blue character belongs to [Madame Black] and thery one belongs to [Ravenclaw]!! They are all of our rpg characters in X-men United
[I hope this works..sorry for the delay..]

5. [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*] Well this drawing actually is a poster that takes up half of my door. I used one of those big white posterboards you can get from Wal Mart, so it's gotta count right? This is Fan Art, Iori Yagami from the King Of Fighters.
entry 2 Well I guess a group shot is like a poster. This is Fan Art from one of my favorite games of all time. Fan Art for this game is non existent it seems. Makes me so sad. 

6.[Li-Ga]: "All Evil and all Good are always connected"


7. [the Indigo] the pic i did for kristen's Ranma 1/2 Banner Contest ^_^ *cough*browniepoints?*cough* dont ask about the second one...i was rather depressed -.-


8. [Silver Wind]
Ladies and gentlemen I proudly present:
The Queen of Diamonds

This is not a movie or book poster, but it's the kind of poster I wouldn't mind having on the wall.
One and zero cookies to you if you know what song inspired this piece


9.[the crazed artist]...just a potential cover...for one of my comics still in my head...entitled 'Exit'...

10.[stuffAEAmade] an oil pastel project I did for art class.
I'm gonna put it up on my wall once the semester's over


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Username (or number or email):


[Silver Wind]: How long are you going to run the poll?

[Cloudwatcher]: i think till the end of january..a lot of people have actaully voted in 3 days..

[Chel.]: sorry about the belated pic guys.... -.-

[Cloudwatcher]: how long do you guys think i should keep the poll open????!!!!

[the Indigo]: i dunno...long enough...? o.o

[Cloudwatcher]: lol ..this makes sence in so many ways..but not what i was looking for.. :D

[the Indigo]: hmmm....when i do contests, i just go for 50 votes, so i dunno, you can do a time limit on it or limit the number of votes

[Cloudwatcher]: i dunnooooo ><

[Cloudwatcher]: PEple!! we need to break all the ties!! get all to vote!! lol


Poll will end Febuary 10th!!! get last few votes in!!!!!

[Irda]: Gud vad du e duktig malin!!! Silver Wind is the best!!

[Silver Wind]: *blushes and hides* I did not let her in...

[Cloudwatcher]: lol...then who did?? lol jk

[Silver Wind]: I'm having a feeling she let herself in. ^^

[Cloudwatcher]: that would make sence now wouldnt it?

[Silver Wind]: Indeed it does! ^_^


poll closed! winners announced!!!! COngrads all that won and thanks to all that enterd!

[the Indigo]: congrats winners ^-^

[the crazed artist]: I got 1st?!?!?!...whoooaaaa...totally unexpected...I almost always get 2nd or lower...oh joy...congrats to everyone else as well...

[Silver Wind]: ^_^ Wow! Second place!!! Congrats to the others, great work!

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