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2011-06-21 06:12:40
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Post Secret Community review review

Most of us have heard of the post secret phenomenon. If you had a secret to share post secret was the place to do it. The post secret community is a number of forums dedicated to anonymous secret sharing. I originally joined the community in support of a very dear friend but have found it as a refuge if I am feeling alone or just want to share something I am not sure anyone else should know.

Although the post secret is organized into a number of forums and sub-forums it does posses a couple of flaws. When you send a message to someone you can not see the conversation or the previous message which sometimes gets confusing, there are a few other general but typically non-bothersome bugs in the site that clashes with the otherwise wonderful existence of Post secret. I would still suggest it for anyone looking to get something off their minds.

I give this website a 4/5 review
/ [Alexi Ice]

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