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Portuguese Classroom

Teacher: [Shjahjdahdvwa]

Welcom to Portuguese lectures

Bem vindo às aulas de português


Brief Outline:

1. The Alphabet
2. Usefull Phrases
3. Numbers
4. Countries
5. Practice


The Alphabet:

The Alphabet and Basics of Pronounciation -> Alfabeto
(O alfabeto e o básico da pronuncia -> Alfabeto


Usefull Phrases:
(Algumas frases simples para dizer:)

Whats your name? = Como te chamas?
My name is...= O meu nome é....
How old are you?= Quantos anos tens?
I am...= eu tenho...
Where are you from?= De onde és tu?
I am from...= Eu sou de        
Nice to meet you!= que bom conhecer-te!
I love you= Eu amo-te
I like you= Eu gosto de ti
I hate you= Eu detesto-te / Eu odeio-te
Where am I? = Onde estou?
Where is it? = Onde é isso?
Do you undertand me? = Consegues perceber-me?
When did you born? = Quando nasceste?


(Os números:)

21-vinte e um
23-vinte e dois
31-Trinta e um
41-Quarenta e um
51-cinquenta e um
2000- dois mil...


(Alguns Países:)

United kingdom-Reino Unido
USA- Estados Unidos da América (EUA)



Let's imagine you are going to visit Portugal.... The city is Lisbon (Lisboa) And you are alone with your friend in the city and you are the only one that can handle all by yourself... You have the city for yourself now...
(Ok...Agora imaginemos que vamos visitar Portugal... A cidade é Lisboa e estás sozinho com o teu amigo na cidade e és o unico que consegue tudo sozinho... Tens a cidade por tua conta...)

Select a destination:
Escolha um destino:

The Shopping!

The Cinema


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2004-06-21 [May-lea]: I think i understand a bit better those messages, now. oh well

2004-06-21 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: well, i was kiring , he knows whats hes doing. even i dont know how to explain to you how do we pronounce the alphabet hard to explain without sound indeed.

2004-06-21 [SHIT69]: yeash it is but other questions are more then welcome :)

2004-07-08 [Macek]: Well... guess I could put the pronunciation of the letters in the page one of these days... if you want help, just ask!

2004-07-08 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: hello! [May-lea] my brother is in vacations so i will answer for him,the Portuguese Alphabet is just like the English Alphabet. The ordering of the letters is the same, and on a dictionary, the vowels with graphic signs are ordered as if they didn't have any. The Ç (cedilha) has no special status, and is treated like a normal C in a dictionary. The letters K,W, and Y, eventhough they are now part of the Portuguese Alphabet, are only used in foreign names and words, or words derived from these. For example: "Darwinismo" (Darwinism). They usually have the same pronounciation as in the original language.

2004-07-08 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: for example:B Just like in English ;C Before "e" or "i" is pronounced like the "s" in English "save". Example: "cedo" (early);H : Never pronounced;J Always like the "s" in the English "measure";M Is it starts a silable, it's just like in english. Example: "macaco" (monkey). well ill put another others soon hope i did help, though i think its not an easy task, elftow should have sound! eheh

2004-07-08 [Macek]: Ah, well, I ended up putting the pronounciation stuff in the wiki page... hope you don´t care! Anything happens, just tell me =)

2004-07-08 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: well who told you you could do that?

2004-07-08 [Macek]: Ah... well, well, sorry =( As there was nothing written in the page asking for people not to write there, I thought I could. Well, sorry. Should you want to take it off, it´s just a matter of deleting it! Sorry again!

2004-08-14 [SHIT69]: No no no Macek! Thanks for helping me out!!!!It was a real good help i am really greatfull!I am goin to say [Anonymous] you helped me out but i dont think you will get a badge cause u did in my classes, but if you keep the great help i think you will probably got one!Thanks again aight?!(I am back from vacations btw)

2004-08-17 [Anonymous]: Bemvindo Deutschlander ;)

2004-08-17 [SHIT69]: Eu nao sou alemão :P but thanks :D Anonymous...Macek did that work but...My sister said it wasnt a real work...he only took it from google or something so forget it lol... its good to be bck to the vicious home

2004-08-31 [Macek]: Ah well, I really didn´t take that from google you know... but you´re free to think whatever you want to =P

2004-09-01 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: well if you didnt tooked from google or any net search programm... you are really fast and should enter guiness... i remmember when u put the things here u tooked so lil... is easy to copy and paste aight? anyway, the objective of the wiki isnt this, so lets try to teach portuguese in original ways :) im sure my bro will handle, but thanx for the help anyway macek

2004-09-09 [Isabelle]: Hi everyone!! I'm Portuguese! [SHIT69] importas-te q eu edite a página?

2004-09-12 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: hey there welcome, my bro says yes :9 edit it many times u like but, be carefull.

2004-10-21 [aimfire]: teach me?

2004-10-21 [Bye bye elftown]: ofcourse aimfire ^^ please if theres something missing in these class's tell me and ill had ^_^

2005-07-10 [Azkaronne]: If someone has any questions or suggestions please contact me!

2006-09-13 [flowerthe2nd]: a nos, a quen gostar de nos, e o resto, que se foda!!!

2006-09-13 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: o verbo foder é de facto intrigante...

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