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Portfolio Contest

Brought to you by your local [Linderel].

Everyone knows about those arts courses where, at the end, you will have to submit all the work you've done during the course in a portfolio, right? Well, this concept is quite similar to that.

Each week, I will post a theme which you will then have to portray. There will be ten given themes. Aside from those, your portfolio page should have two more pieces, the subject of which will be up to you. Please note that the last given theme always consists of five options - whether you choose to portray only one or several or even all of them in your piece is up to you.
Optionally, you may also make a portfolio folder in real life and submit a picture of it (or make an image of what it would look like on the computer, either works) for extra credit. I want you to give this contest your utmost effort - after all, the portfolio may prove itself useful later.

The contest is split in three categories, each of which will have five entrants minimum. You may sign up for all, if you so wish, but I'd recommend choosing only one to focus on - that way we have room for more variety as well. The themes will mostly be the same for all categories.

Art Portfolio is for drawings in traditional and digital mediums, all the way from oil paint to Paint Shop Pro.

Photo Portfolio is for photography, whether taken with a traditional film camera or the newest digital one.
NOTE: No heavy photomanipulations allowed. You may do the following: tweak levels and/or brightness and contrast; add a border; convert to greyscale or sepia tones. I want to see what you can do with your camera.

Writing Portfolio is for poetry, drabbles and short stories. There are no firm word limits in either direction, but don't write a novel. Avoid fan fiction if possible.

I will give out a final deadline after all the assignments have been posted. Contestants have until that date to finish up. Portfolios that have at least a half of the assignments carried out will be included in the judging, but full ones are naturally preferred.

1. All work, naturally, MUST be yours and yours alone. Collaborations are allowed only with another participant of this contest. If you use stock (allowed for graphics) or reference, credit accordingly - with links, if possible.
2. Read the themes! Each week, there will be a new subject matter which you will have to portray as you see fit.
3. No graphic scenes of either sex or violence. Please rate your work using the scale from G to R. For reference:
4. Upload all images and graphics to Elftown.

I will judge the contest myself with at least two other people. Everything counts: the quality of your entries, originality of thought, even the way you display them on the wiki. There will be one winner for each category, all to receive a badge - and praise. In addition they may request a piece of jewellery.
There is a participant badge.
I will also choose a personal favourite from each category. Here, all started portfolios count.

Have fun!
In the mood for advertising? <URL:stuff/portfoliocontbadge.png>

Results of Round 6 now in. Happy Whatever!

<img:stuff/artfolio6winner.png> <img:stuff/photofolio6winner.png> <img:stuff/writingfolio6winner.png>
<img:stuff/artfoliofavround6.png> <img:stuff/photofoliofavround6.png> <img:stuff/writefoliofavround6.png>


Week One : Content
Week Two : Alien
Week Three : Spiral
Week Four : Pride
Week Five : Genesis
Week Six : Zodiac
Week Seven : Mania
Week Eight : Trial
Week Nine : Drain
Week Ten : Bite / Hair / Onus / Silence / Zeal
Final Deadline : 9 October

Closed! Thanks for playing. :)


1. [nehirwen] - Nehirwen Portfolio 3
2. [SilverFire] - Silvie Portfolio 3
3. [Triola] - Triola Portfolio 3
4. [Daisy_Sandybanks] - Daisy Portfolio
5. [pegasus1000] - pegasus portfolio 2
6. [Jitter] - Jitter Portfolio 6
7. [Kyrinn] - Kyrinn Portfolio

1. [Chimes] - Chimes Photofolio
2. [Flisky] - Flisky Portfolio
3. [Nioniel] - Nioniel Portfolio
4. [Akayume] - Akay Portfolio
5. [Rainbow Dragonflies] - Kilee Portfolio
6. [Sahraminkukka] - Sahra Portfolio 3
7. [Cillamoon] - Cillamoon Portfolio 2
8. [törnen] - törnen Portfolio

1. [Chimes] - Chimes Portfolio 3
2. [SilverFire] - SilverFire Writingfolio 2
3. [Flisky] - Flisky Writingfolio
4. [Akayume] - Akay Writingfolio
5. [Cillamoon] - Cillamoon Writingfolio
6. [RemovedAcct] - TekNeo Portfolio

· Portfolio Contest, Round 1
· Portfolio Contest, Round 2
· Portfolio Contest, Round 3
· Portfolio Contest, Round 4
· Portfolio Contest, Round 5

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2009-10-13 [*micky*]: Hahaha no need to hurry we can wait patianly^^
But nice to hear the results are on it's way!:)

2009-10-13 [Duke Devlin]: That sounds like a nice plan. :)

2009-12-21 [Jitter]: *pokey poke*?

2009-12-21 [Linderel]: I know. >_< Happening during the holidays, I sweaaaaaar!

2009-12-22 [Jitter]: hehehe np just wondering ^^

2009-12-26 [arthemis_]: Merry Christmas for our merrily host of this awesome competition! :D

2010-01-16 [Jitter]: pokey pokey :D

2010-01-17 [Linderel]: Jitter, darling. Diary.

2010-01-17 [Jitter]: *is blind*

Okay, you got me xD

2010-01-23 [Linderel]: There. Finally. Once again, I apologise for the overly long delay.

2010-01-23 [Teufelsweib]: who won the photography contest? I can't read it xD

besides that, congrats for the winners!

2010-01-23 [Linderel]: xD

2010-01-23 [Triola]: I had to go back and check to remember what images I entered xD

2010-01-23 [Linderel]: Lollerskates. :P

2010-01-23 [*micky*]: Oeh, Congratz!

2010-01-25 [deeterhi]: Congratulations to the winners :)

2010-01-29 [Jitter]: Congrats

2010-02-08 [Kuehne]: so.. is the theme "Crisis" part of a 10 series of portfolios.. or is it just one? And have there been an entries yet? And can I enter this round? And do I ask enough questions?

2010-02-08 [Triola]: The contest is on hiatus, so there is no new round at the moment, the theme is just for those who draw better when they have prompts, so for your own amusement :)

2010-02-08 [Kuehne]: Are we still submitting those pieces here?

2010-02-08 [Triola]: I'll let Lami get back to you on that one :P

2010-02-08 [Linderel]: I could make a wiki for that if people think it sounds like a good idea. Otherwise you could just link 'em in the comments if you feel like it.

2010-02-09 [Kuehne]: ok.. ty. I think it's a good idea, but that's just one vote.

2010-02-09 [Chimes]: Either works. :)

2010-03-28 [Linderel]: I'd really like to see people's take on 'brain fish'. :P

2010-04-14 [Duke Devlin]: BRAIN FISH? XD Love it. :P

2010-08-06 [Triola]: Tempus Fugit <3

2011-05-06 [Akayume]: I am sad this is on hiatus. :(

2011-05-06 [Linderel]: 'Tis unfortunate indeed, but I has no tieeeems.

2011-05-06 [Akayume]: Will you... Over... ze summer? :O :O :O

2011-05-06 [Linderel]: We shall have to see.

2011-05-06 [Akayume]: :O :O :O

2011-06-05 [Linderel]: I have thought about it, and decided that I will open the contest for the summer. The minimum is still five entrants per category. This is a time-consuming contest, so the enrolment deadline will be set no longer than a week from now.

2011-06-05 [nehirwen]: Time to make some art again. :3

2011-06-05 [Linderel]: \o/

2011-06-05 [SilverFire]: Can we sign up for more than one category?

2011-06-05 [Linderel]: If you think you'll be able to produce work for more than one, go right ahead. :) It's there somewhere in the explanation *points up*

2011-06-05 [Linderel]: An Emuuuu :)

2011-06-05 [Chimes]: Oh yes. <3

2011-06-05 [Nioniel]: Awesome! :)

2011-06-05 [Triola]: Oh, what the heck :D

2011-06-05 [Linderel]: <3<3<3

2011-06-05 [Triola]: Though I think I'll stick to random this time, rather than make a theme for the entire portfolio <.<

2011-06-05 [Akayume]: I am excited. :3 And yes, I shall have to upload photos from Italy. >.> So be it.

2011-06-05 [Linderel]: Oooh, this is encouraging. Only one more for each section and the minimum is met!

2011-06-05 [sequeena_rae]: Aw I'd love to take part again but I just don't have the energy for it :( eeee :(

2011-06-05 [Linderel]: Awww :( That's too bad. :/ *huggle* You can be the cheerleader?

2011-06-05 [sequeena_rae]: *cheers* Woo!

2011-06-06 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: Linny. Beat me if I forget this.

2011-06-06 [Linderel]: I have a whip, will that do? :)

2011-06-06 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: Perfect.

2011-06-06 [Linderel]: <3

2011-06-06 [Cillamoon]: Squeeee!!! Now this one I've been waiting for a reopen, YAY!

2011-06-06 [Linderel]: :)

2011-06-06 [Jitter]: NEVER missed one and not planning on missing this time either!

2011-06-06 [Nioniel]: Jitterbug! <3

2011-06-06 [Linderel]: ^____^ <3

2011-06-06 [törnen]: i'm in! :)

2011-06-06 [Linderel]: YES! *does a jig* I hoped you would be. <3 You know I love your photography. :)

2011-06-06 [törnen]: yay! :D thanks for organising this, i think this might be a very nice project here at the field station.. :)

2011-06-06 [Triola]: Yay, we're above limit :D

2011-06-07 [Kyrinn]: Are there still openings? :S 

2011-06-07 [Chimes]: Pretty sure there are, until june 13. Jooooin us, joooooooin us!

2011-06-07 [Linderel]: Five per category is just the minimum. :) The more the merrier!

2011-06-07 [Kyrinn]: Ah okay. I just hope I can keep the deadlines for this. Id love to sign up and give it a try..

2011-06-08 [Linderel]: Well, there's a week between each theme and the final deadline has usually been set about a month after the last one. :)

2011-06-08 [Linderel]: Those of you who have already signed up: your wikis, de rien. You may begin preparing them. :3

2011-06-08 [Kyrinn]: So, a week between each theme and the finaly deadline a month after the last one.. Okay, what the heck. :D

2011-06-08 [Kyrinn]: So what happens now? O_o

2011-06-08 [Linderel]: Now you start prettifying your wiki and twiddle your thumbs until Monday :D

2011-06-08 [Kyrinn]: WOOHOO! My thumbs will be busy! 

2011-06-08 [Cillamoon]: Sweetness, thank you!

2011-06-08 [Daisy_Sandybanks]: Yay! *edit* *edit*

2011-06-13 [Linderel]: Get creative, people!

2011-06-13 [Flisky]: brain did a double take. Content as in happy

2011-06-13 [Linderel]: Content as in any definition of the word you want to use. :)

2011-06-13 [Flisky]: Okay. ^_^

2011-06-13 [Cillamoon]: Sweet!!!

2011-06-13 [Daisy_Sandybanks]: Woo! Time to get drawin'!

2011-06-15 [Chimes]: Lamiiii - can we lower saturation in photos? :) Does that count as levels? I dun want black and white (I don't think) but I don't want the colours to be too... coloury either. XD I can work around it if not. :)

2011-06-16 [Linderel]: I suppose it's alright. :P

2011-06-16 [Chimes]: Fankoo. :)

2011-06-16 [Kyrinn]: Got an idea for it, now to find time.. *fingers crossed*

2011-06-20 [nehirwen]: Awesome theme. :3

2011-06-20 [Flisky]: Still trying to find my card reader so I can upload my photos. :P

2011-06-20 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: Hmm... this should be fun. XD

2011-06-27 [Linderel]: It's Monday! :3

2011-06-27 [Nioniel]: Woohoo! :)

2011-06-30 [Kyrinn]: Once I get home Ill have to set to drawing. Being on vacation makes it hard to focus on projects. :/ Having a much needed break though, cant wait to get home andback to work!

2011-07-01 [Anvikit]: I thought this was on hiatus :) Good to see it up and going again! I might have to throw my name up for the next round! I can't wait to see what all comes out of this round!

2011-07-01 [Linderel]: It was, but I was convinced to run a round since it's summer and I theoretically have a bit more time. I'm not entirely certain when the next will be. :)

2011-07-01 [Anvikit]: Darn.. haha I didn't even realise there was a sign up.. Oh well maybe I'll just shadow..

2011-07-01 [Linderel]: Shadowing is good! :D

2011-07-04 [Linderel]: This theme actually has a reason other than my sadistic tendencies. :3

2011-07-04 [Flisky]: Really? I just thought it was because you were evil. :P

2011-07-04 [Linderel]: Really. :D It was Pride week in Helsinki last week. Of course, the theme would have been better then but eh. The memory of the parade is fresh on my mind.

2011-07-04 [Flisky]: It's July the Fourth (Independence Day) here in Americaland. That whole...American pride thing. *makes a face*

2011-07-04 [Linderel]: :P I care more about Pride than I do about anyone's independence day. Including our own. <_< I think. On the other hand, our independence day can be made into a pun and called stubbornness day.

2011-07-04 [Flisky]: Same here...

2011-07-04 [Linderel]: I'm assuming you mean my first two sentences by that ditto. :P

2011-07-04 [Flisky]: Yep.

2011-07-11 [Linderel]: I'm not being too evil again, am I? <_<

2011-07-11 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: I should really keep up on this better... XD;

2011-07-11 [nehirwen]: For me pride and spiral were more evil, genesis inspires me. :3

2011-07-11 [Linderel]: Kilee, as long as everything's in your folio by the time the final deadline rolls around, you're fine :D

2011-07-11 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: I'm not sure what to do for either Pride or Genesis. XD; oh well, we'll see what I can do.

2011-07-11 [Triola]:

And everything really just means half of everything >.> :D 

2011-07-11 [Linderel]: Trin! *spanks* Don't be a bad influence! :O

2011-07-11 [Triola]: Sowwie <.< People are rushing so far ahead that I was hoping to slow them down >.> :P

2011-07-11 [Linderel]: :P *cuddle* You're adorable.

2011-07-11 [Triola]: :D

2011-07-25 [Linderel]: I'll have a dose of insanity, please.

2011-07-25 [Flisky]: Crap. I need to upload things.

2011-07-26 [Kyrinn]: ._________________. me too..

2011-07-26 [Linderel]: That would be advisable, yes. :P

2011-07-26 [Kyrinn]: Ive got a couple on mine right now actually. :PP Just have to make a dent in the rest of them. 

2011-07-27 [Flisky]: I have seriously four weeks of photos to go through. Crap crap and double crap.

2011-07-27 [Kyrinn]: Yikes!  D: I wish I could get my muses back online. Its frustrating when Im drawing but not what I really NEED to be drawing...

2011-07-27 [Akayume]: I've been pondering, but am waiting to work on this more for my return from Italy-land. :P

2011-08-02 [Linderel]: Sorry 'bout the late update. I didn't have interwebs access yesterday.

2011-08-16 [Linderel]: *poke poke poke*

2011-08-16 [Triola]: Dunno how much more I'll be able to do :/ I can has RSI in mah right arm, and I'm writing my master's thesis this fall, so I'm trying to save my arm from too much work right now. Which sadly includes drawing. But I'll see if I can perhaps do something with shorter drawing periods over a longer period of time, or something. Maybe.

2011-08-16 [Linderel]: Mnuu. :/ Poor arm. *pets it*

2011-08-23 [Linderel]: Hokae, time for the last theme. As always, remember that you can pick and choose which of the five you want to depict.

2011-08-23 [Jitter]: wth is an onus? *googles*

2011-08-23 [Linderel]: :P Google is your friend. *nod*

2011-08-23 [Chimes]: Behiiiiind. D:

2011-08-23 [Linderel]: Get workin'! *cracks whip*

2011-08-23 [Kyrinn]: D:

2011-08-24 [Flisky]: I need to get working, too. :(

2011-08-24 [RemovedAcct]: Is the due date known yet?

2011-08-24 [Chimes]: Not gonna lie: I instantly thought 'baby'. XD

2011-08-24 [Linderel]: I was thinking end of September or thereabouts.

2011-08-24 [Kyrinn]: end of September.. I can handle that. :D 

2011-08-24 [Chimes]: I hopefully can. I have a magazine illustration (photostylie) set to do by about then too... but we can hope!

2011-08-24 [Akayume]: AWESOME. I want to see [Chimes]! :D And I think I can make that deadline too.

2011-08-24 [Chimes]: You will. :P I can show the not-chosen images before it goes live (they're only gonna use one but I wanna do moar, so the one they use will have to stay a secret for a while.)

2011-08-25 [Akayume]: OooooooOoo. :D :D

2011-08-28 [Kyrinn]: Okay just a question, Im probably just tired and its not clicking in my head but.. we can have two of our own works as well as five of the above choices on our portfolio then?

2011-08-28 [Linderel]: You're supposed to have twelve pieces in all - those depicting the prompt themes, plus two of your own choice. But you're eligible for judging if you have six pieces up.

2011-08-28 [Kyrinn]: ah got it. Dont know if Ill be able to cover all the themes but I can at least get six up, I think..

2011-08-30 [Rainbow Dragonflies]: Herk. :C I'll be going through pictures that I've taken recently to see if any apply but.. I'm sorry Lami! Things are getting hectic here D: I'm all over the place.

2011-09-11 [Jitter]: Trial and Pride are killing me >.>

2011-09-11 [Akayume]: Just... everything is killing me. XD

2011-09-12 [Kyrinn]: I have one Id like to submit for Pride, but not sure if it fits. :S 

2011-09-12 [Linderel]: Let's see it then :O

2011-09-12 [Kyrinn]: Ill put it up on my portfolio page thing, its there now. :S

2011-09-30 [Jitter]: Done!

2011-09-30 [Triola]: Gnnngggg. That is all I have to say about the matter.

2011-09-30 [Kyrinn]: I wish I could get my muses to work. :S

2011-09-30 [Triola]: My muses are working fine, I have plans and ideas, but I wish I could find enough hours in the day to execute them :/ soooo busy x.X

2011-09-30 [Flisky]: I just did a half hour photo thing. And got two usable pictures out of it. Definitely need to do some more, though.

2011-09-30 [Kyrinn]: I have the time but I come up empty no matter what I do. Frustrating. Or I end up drawing something else unrelated. argh

2011-09-30 [Triola]: Wanna do a trade-off? I can borrow some time off you one day, and you can have my Muse the next?

2011-09-30 [nehirwen]: Can I have some of both? ._.

2011-09-30 [Kyrinn]: I would love to do something like that! I need to get my Muses back online! XD

2011-10-02 [Triola]: Well, I think I'm done with my Muse for the weekend, so she's up for grabs :P

2011-10-02 [Kyrinn]: *snatches* Maybe she can make my Muses work for a change!

2011-10-03 [Triola]: Fingers crossed!

2011-10-03 [Kyrinn]: omg I think it worked! :D

2011-10-03 [Triola]: Yay! :D I saw, nice work!

2011-10-03 [Kyrinn]: Thank you, I am quite proud of it. :D My challenge is to do one of the weeks Ive not done yet each day. *fingers crossed*

2011-10-03 [Triola]: Haha, yeah, I hope to get a couple more done too, but I have absolutely no ambition of finishing them all, it'll be a miracle if I do x.X

2011-10-03 [Kyrinn]: gah me too. Maybe we need to bump our muses together again..

2011-10-03 [Triola]: Haha, yeah xD Twice the inspiration! Though, sadly, my issue is still mainly time :/ I'm at school eight to ten hours every day, and I try to get some drawing in in the evening, but sometimes I'm just too tired

2011-10-03 [Kyrinn]: LOL!! Hope it keeps up lol! I hear ya.. I dont have school but its been nut week with my work, my son with a million things to do, and just not enough hours in the evening, Im right there with ya..

2011-10-04 [Triola]: It's annoying x.X

2011-10-09 [RemovedAcct]: Is there a time deadline for this or is it just that the 9th is the last day to turn them in?

2011-10-09 [Kyrinn]: Isnt it by end of day Elftown time? Im almost done..

2011-10-09 [Linderel]: By end of day Elftown time, yes... but because that's way too late for me to be up, I'll forgive any changes made up until 10 AM Elftown time on Monday. :P

2011-10-09 [Kyrinn]: Awesome! because I be done! WOot! I made it, I didnt think I would! :DDD

2011-10-09 [Kyrinn]: can we put our portfolio wiki in our mood? 

2011-10-09 [Linderel]: Sure. :)

2011-10-09 [RemovedAcct]: O_O Where can I see elftime?

2011-10-09 [Triola]: Top, right corner, above all the search boxes :)

2011-10-09 [RemovedAcct]: Thank you!

2011-10-09 [SilverFire]: Oh, poop. I only just saw the deadline. X_x How long has that been there? >_<

2011-10-09 [Chimes]: I failed this time too. Sad times. D:

2011-10-09 [Kyrinn]: Noooooo! :C and here I thought you guys would be done before me.. *hugs* 

2011-10-09 [Flisky]: I didn't get the writing one done...but I got most of my photos.

2011-10-09 [Akayume]: I just baaaaarely scraped by on the writing.

2011-10-11 [Kyrinn]: Is it closed now? Been no movement all day.. *frets*

2011-10-11 [Linderel]: Yaaarrp! *slaps "closed" sign on door*

2011-10-11 [Akayume]: D:

2011-10-11 [Kyrinn]: *wiggles under the door and gets stuck*

2011-11-01 [pegasus1000]: *Hangs a carrot in-front of [Kyrinn]* "Are you still stuck?"

2011-11-01 [Kyrinn]: *big puppy eyes* Awww.. Im goin' NUTS! *pop*

2011-11-15 [Kyrinn]: when is this decided anyway?

2011-11-15 [Linderel]: Soon, hopefully. <_< I've been a bit of a slacker, but the judging has started now.

2011-11-15 [Kyrinn]: Ah ok. lol dont mean to be a pest about it, I saw the link I have to my page in my notes and remembered it. XD

2011-12-16 [Akayume]: *poke*

2011-12-16 [Kyrinn]: *wiggles*

2011-12-16 [Linderel]: Yyyyyeah. The results will be out by Christmas, I swear. *shameface*

2011-12-16 [Akayume]: *hugzies* S'oke. (:

2011-12-25 [Linderel]: Results! Woohoo! Congratulations, everyone. I had to make some really difficult decisions, especially with picking my favourite pieces. There were so many good ones. :3

2011-12-25 [Jitter]: Thank you <3

2011-12-25 [Akayume]: Good job everyone. (:

2011-12-25 [Flisky]: Congrats everyone! :D

2011-12-25 [Nioniel]: Awesome! ^^

2011-12-26 [Chimes]: Congratulations. Thank you, Lami. <3

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