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2011-06-20 21:33:02
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I am still unsure about this whole 'close to the Mexican border' thing. It seems to me that I have seen more aliens than citizens. It seems strange, because I grew up in a place that was close to another border. A northern border, rather than a southern one. Most people from the country of Canada at least resemble the people I grew up around.

These foreigners, however, are visibly different. Not that I am racist at all. I am simply noticing because I am not accustomed to such things.

Growing up in the great state that also held Detroit, I am use to seeing people of color. I was even raised in a house of semi-racists people, though I never picked up that particular trait. Which is good, because I worked for a woman from the Caribbean islands. Never have I seen so many from a single culture in one concentrated area where they are not native, however.

It seems strange still to me to pick up a ringing phone and here something I cannot fully understand. "Hola, senorita," they will start with.

"I'm sorry, I don't speak Spanish," I would reply.

At that point, they would usually attempt to speak some sort of English. I would try to ascertain what they wanted, but sometimes I could not get it. Like the other day when I took a pizza order at work for a Mexican and I thought he said extra cheese when he really said mozzarella cheese.

So, here I am, surrounded by these strange foreigners, and all I can think of is that my workplace should have a 'No shoes, no shirt, no English, no service!' policy.

We should do that just to keep the aliens at bay.

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