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2011-06-20 20:00:40
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This new home is empty. Well, not completely. The strange things I have found in the corners and the fact that it is fully furnished is nothing. And there is a family already here, but I will get into that later. When I arrived, I found it full at first. But now, after being here for only a few days, I know the real truth. It is empty. Devoid of what makes a real home.

The first time I moved, it was not so bad. I went from one home full of love to another full of love. There was no time in between finding a niche. And there was no doubt on my part that I belonged in that new home. They were not my immediate family, but they were family nonetheless. And I loved them no less than my own real family.

But here? I am living with my real family and there are slight complications at best and extremely differing views of home at worst. What are the things that a home should contain? How should family behave within the home? Should I try to integrate my old life into this?

This home, as I have stated, already contains a family who have been peacefully living here. My brother, his wife, and their two year old son. Until my brother invited myself and my boyfriend to live with him so he could help us find jobs and a place of our own, that was all this home held that was good. Much of what was contained within these walls was far from that. There was anger, spitefulness, and deceit.

In addition to that is sparse furniture, ranging from a single couch in the oversized living room, along with a super big television that is never used and a fish tank that takes up half a wall. There is enough empty space to fit a good sized party, rock band and all.

The three bedrooms are pretty empty as well. The child's room has a small bed in the corner and plenty of toys. The guest bedroom, the room I am to occupy, has a bed and a dresser, nothing else. The master bedroom has a bed, dresser, and television.

Materially, the place has very little, and it was a disappointment to see. That the home held little of what I would call a traditional home disappointed me even further.

Only time will tell if the contents off this home change in any way. Hopefully they will, and for the better.

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