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2011-05-27 23:03:43
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Portal 2 review

Portal 1 was a short game in a monumental Value pack of games known as "The Orange Box."

Portal 1 was by far the greatest bonus game of all time spawning memes that may continue until cake goes extinct.

Responding to the tumultuous success of Portal 1, Valve came out with Portal 2 much to the joy of millions of fsjaling fans. 

With so much expectations for this game, would it be able to blow our minds like the first Portal?

Well, in short yes. 

It's not often that a game has perfect pacing and insightful/often amusing dialogue, but Portal 2 takes the cake (INSIDE PUNS, BRO).

Portal 2 plays with the gamer's emotion extensively. The game fills you with wonder, sadness, laughter, accomplishment, libido, cancer, beauty, cream, pies, cognitive dissonance, fundamental attriution errors, breaks your thesaurus, etc.

In short, even if you do not appreciate games, Portal 2 is gaming in a true art form, mixing drama, this-year's-Grammy-winning music, and even painting superior to this $140 million dollar piece of crap <URL:> (hyperlinks in pseudo html, how do they work?) into a leading contender for this year's game of the year award.
/ [Doormat]

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