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Port City is not as large or well defended as Eliy with it's walls, but has an extensive military that has been fully activated and stationed throughout the city. There are a few watch towers near the front of the city with at least 3 guards in there at all times with spy glasses. The people seem a little on edge with their sister city under siege. However, the merchants lining the streets are still open and selling wares. The city seems sparse at first but the closer you get to the water the more congested it gets, with buildings, citizens, and military. Then there's the docks which seem crowded at all hours. There are ships ranging from trade cogs to battle ships tied to the docks with a few smaller sail boats owned by the more wealthy. There's a large barracks and plenty of warehouses near by as well. Both seem to have steady streams of traffic at the moment with battle preparations and people trying to store their items and other items of necessity, like food and arrows, being loaded up into almost every ship at the docks to help Eliy. There are plenty of soldiers trying to recruit any man old enough to carry a sword effectively and taking them to the barracks for quick training.

A scholarly man, Aleric, walks into the port city and seeing the guards trying to recruit people so he quickly walks away before they spot him. He is a good fighter but he doesn't like to fight unless there is solid reason too. Aleric moves through the streets with a quick pace looking for a place to stay but winds up getting sidetracked at the docks looking at the ships both big and small. He has never been on a ship before but he has always wanted to go sailing, it looked fun to him.

The City of Eliy

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