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Elftown Pokedex


Welcome to the Pokedex. This is a creative wiki for all us people who like Pokemon in any of its many forms. Feel free to add or link to anything Pokemon that you've made.



I think the funnest thing about Pokemon is the collecting: "gotta catch 'em all" :D I was thinking how could that be done in Elftown, and I got it! In the game, the ways to collect different Pokemen is either by catching or trading. We can apply this to Elftown: catching is drawing (or photography), and trading is, well, still trading. :P So you draw a Pokemon, and then you trade drawings with others (since they are digital images, you'll both gain one and lose none).
Here are some guidelines as to how I imagine it working:

-All images must be made by Elftown members. Also, try not to copy/trace already existing drawings, that'd be a lot less cool. :/
-All images must be the same size (400x400px), have the entire Pokemon in the picture and have a plain background. It'll be really cool if all the pictures look like they belong to a set. :3
-They don't have to be existing Pokemons! You can draw your own special/custom Pokemon if you want! :D
-You can collect your Pokemons anyhwhere you want: wiki, your computer hard disk, your diary, etc... I don't recommend collecting them to your house (unless they are all drawn by you), because your description should be about you, not about random pictures of Pokemons.
-If you can't draw, someone can be a Professor Oak and give you one Pokemon that you can start trading with. But of course, collectively we'll all get more Pokemons if we all draw them. It doesn't matter if it's not a master-piece.

Participating People:
<img:stuff/558Pokeball.gif> [iippo] - iippokedex
<img:stuff/558Pokeball.gif> [Mortified Penguin] - ramen-dex
<img:stuff/558Pokeball.gif> [Duke Devlin] - Dukedex
<img:stuff/558Pokeball.gif> [*Phoenix*] - Phoenix - pokedex
<img:stuff/558Pokeball.gif> [XxTsomexX] - MegaDex
<img:stuff/558Pokeball.gif> [arthemis_] - ArthyDex
<img:stuff/558Pokeball.gif> [Dwarf Ronin] - Arcticdex
<img:stuff/558Pokeball.gif> [twitchboy] - Twitchydex
<img:stuff/558Pokeball.gif> [AuroraLumos] - Auroradex
<img:stuff/558Pokeball.gif> [SilverFire] - Silviedex


3729) Which kind of Pokemon nicknamer are you (out of the list found in ) (Administrator: [iippo])

Number of voters: 17
* a) The Defaulter
Number of votes: 6 (35%)

* b) The Pro
Number of votes: 2 (12%)

* c) The First Thing
Number of votes: 1 (6%)

* d) The Legitimate Namer
Number of votes: 3 (18%)

* e) The Themer
Number of votes: 4 (24%)

* f) The Sicko
Number of votes: 1 (6%)



What do the pokemen say?

"My... tactique. I prefer to sing my enemy to sleep and then pound the crap outta them! I also like it a lot when the enemy wakes up just before I deliver my final ending pound.
I don't like pidgeys as enemies, the sand-attack plus my large eyes - not a good combination."

"I'd say my favourite move is definitely wrap. I mean I like poison sting and all that - poisoning is so exhilarating - but good old wrap still beats everything. As enemies, I like Abra best, because it can't teleport when you wrap it. And the points are good in abras, wild ones are small but still give lots of points."

"I prefer the move pay day. I have to train hard for that move, true enough, but it allows me to be the most useful pokemon for my owner, wouldn't you agree? I mean it makes money! I can help people to save money to buy stuff, like something for me for example. I am definitely the most useful pokemon there is."

"I disagree, my teleport move is the most useful. It can even be used out of battle."

"Shut up fatty, you're just saying that because my pay day one-hit over-kills you every time. Sides, you can't use it in a cave."

"I find it intriguingly ironic that Bellsprout is a carnivorous plant pokemon, while it is my favourite pokemon to leech life from. Talk about karma.
My least favourite enemy is pidgey."

"Everybody hates my kind. It's depressing that's what it is. I can't help it that I was born one of the battle-prone birds that breed like rabbits and have the strongest starting move. Yes, we are many, we are aggressive, we are strong. Be glad we aren't also willing to take over the world."

"Well my favourite move is harden. It's pacifistic, the enemy will just waste all its PP on attacking against my hard shell, while I do nothing to it. I also like the innuendo of the move *wink*."

"Yesterday somebody called me a one-trick ponyta :( What a horrible pun."

"My therapist says i am having an identity crisis"



You can take a ready one and put it in your description. These follow the uploading art rules completely.

Feel free to contribute banners, bullets, dividers, anything graphics. ^^ Remember that it all has to be your own work, though.



Username (or number or email):


2008-03-30 [SilverFire]: :O assum.

2008-03-30 [iippo]: You can adders stuff too, make it moar assum.

2008-03-30 [SilverFire]: I wanna be able to sees where other people are collecting their pokemans. (My pokemans, lat me show you tham).

2008-03-30 [iippo]: Hmm, good point. But won't they just nick the pokemans of others straight from their pages? Then again, they would get caught if they did that.

Ah well, it's only me at this point anyway XP

2008-03-30 [SilverFire]: Gimmie a few hours. :P But no, if you draw the pokemans yourself, then you have to have the artists permission to use it, right? Which you'd have in a trade, but not from just yoinking them... and it'd be stupid to try that when the person who runs the page is wiki boss and guard. :P

2008-03-30 [iippo]: You'll have a few hours in a little bit when I go watch Toy Story 2 :P

Nudder thing I was thinking was photos of Pokemen. Obviously it'd be super-cool if somebody actually made pokemonny objects and took pictures of them. But I think it'd be acceptable to take photos of already-existing pokemon-objects (like toys and such). That way non-drawing people could join in the catching.

2008-03-30 [SilverFire]: :P I has a pikachu teddy. :3 It could woek, but it might make it too easy.

2008-03-30 [iippo]: The first few would be easy, but to get all 500 or however many there are... It'd get challenging :P

2008-03-30 [SilverFire]: True. :P *starts drawing*

2008-03-31 [iippo]: Webgrafix. We has dem. :P

2008-03-31 [SilverFire]: This page should be nominated for featured wiki.

2008-03-31 [iippo]: I will. Once I'm done pimpin' it. What should there be in a divider? Pokeballs in a line?

2008-03-31 [SilverFire]: That would be assum. <3

2008-03-31 [iippo]: Does it suck? >.O *can't decide whether likes it or not*

2008-03-31 [SilverFire]: No, it doesn't suck.

2008-05-08 [Mortified Penguin]: ...*eats ramen*... interesting...

2008-11-18 [Thunder Cid]: Oh wow this brings back childhood memories.

2008-11-19 [iippo]: You know you love it :P

2008-11-19 [Thunder Cid]: Yes ma'am I do. *splash*

2008-11-20 [iippo]: So make a pokedex wiki and start... doing something comparable to catching them all!

2008-11-20 [Thunder Cid]: I may do that.

2008-11-20 [SilverFire]: Do it, do eeeet NAOW!

2008-11-20 [Thunder Cid]: Yes ma'am!

2008-11-22 [iippo]: Well, where is it? :P

2008-11-22 [Thunder Cid]: Give me time please.

2008-11-22 [SilverFire]: NUuuu! Nu tiem!

2008-11-23 [Thunder Cid]: *puts up hammock* There's always time ma'am.

2009-08-26 [Duke Devlin]: Zomfg! This sounds fun. =3
Wow... Last comment was a while ago.... Pokemon people! :(

2009-08-26 [SilverFire]: JOIN NAOW!

2009-08-28 [Duke Devlin]: XD Haha I'll get a drawing of a Pokemon done first, then I will. ^___________^

2009-08-29 [iippo]: No, make page first, then draw content for it.

2009-08-29 [iippo]: Same goes for you too, SilverFire! :O That's right, I'm full-naming you here missy! Get your act togezar!

2009-08-29 [SilverFire]: D: oshit.

2009-08-31 [Duke Devlin]: Hokais. :)

2010-03-29 [SilverFire]: Featured Wiki :3

2010-03-29 [XxTsomexX]: Aww man! I drew a funny pikachu picture years ago. (For my friend: Pika w/ weed and a blunt) I still remember my trainer I made and always used while playing the games: Sydney.... I might make a page if that's okay, because I have just recently gotten into pokemon again :)

2010-03-29 [Evolution X]: Can we edit the pokemon conversations?

2010-03-29 [wicked fae mage]: What do you know? I've played too much pokemon xD

2010-03-29 [XxTsomexX]: Yeah, me too :) I've lost all my games though :( I am planning to rebuy and replay them all.

2010-03-29 [Evolution X]: Huh? *blinks slightly* I was just wondering if we could edit the Pokemon Chat thing...

2010-03-29 [wicked fae mage]: Roms since my games are dead ><

2010-03-29 [SilverFire]: I'm pretty sure you're allowed to edit addnew pokemon chats, and you're all allowed to join and make your own pokedex, you don't need to ask permission first. :)

2010-03-29 [Evolution X]: I can't draw T^T

2010-03-29 [*Phoenix*]: is it okay if they aren't 400x400?

2010-03-29 [SilverFire]: I reckon if it's a few pixels (405 or something) she won't mind, but not 600x800 or anything like that.

2010-03-29 [*Phoenix*]: okies. Thanks! I just have to crop then. ^_-

2010-03-31 [Gypsy Mystik]: Mew~!

2010-03-31 [twitchboy]: Ditto: My therapist says i am having an identity crisis

2010-03-31 [wicked fae mage]: Crisis not crises :3

2010-04-02 [arthemis_]: I've added my name, hope that's all right! I'm a Pokémaniac! I've ordered the newest game, hope it will arrive soon!

2010-04-02 [Evolution X]: Gengar: I'm a test in life, if you have me, Alakazam or Machamp you have friends. If you have a level hundred haunter then you you got NO ONE!

2010-04-08 [arthemis_]: So true... Sad but true...

2010-04-08 [wicked fae mage]: That depends on if you want a continuous strategy...for instance Pokemon Stadium allows only one of each type of Pokemon save Free battles.

2010-04-09 [arthemis_]: I think Evolution means that if you don't trade Haunter, it will never become a Gengar... So ergo: need friends :) Same for Alakazam and Machamp and some other pokémon, like Steelix for example. Or are you talking about something completely different? *it's late over here, so pardon me if you are*

2010-04-09 [wicked fae mage]: Well, I had all pokemon on my blue version (and Silver except Celebi, but that was with the help of my Gold version) by trading with my silver version on Pokemon Stadium no need for friends there. And say you put somebody to sleep and use nightshade and that's your strategy...Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2 only allow 1 of each Pokemon in party. So having a Gengar and a Haunter is more beneficial than having to find another nightshade Pokemon. And Kadabra is also good, no need to evolve it for a great Pokemon...same for all trade evolutions. They all have the same move pool. To me, it's a matter of Pokedex or favorite Pokemon.

2010-04-09 [SilverFire]: I think you're taking Evolution's statement a little too technically/seriously. :P

2010-04-09 [wicked fae mage]: I always overthink things ><;
But I do like having a psychic combo of Alakazam followed by Kadabra...two fast, high special pokemon...followed by something like Blastoise that can take a few hits... :)

2010-06-10 [AuroraLumos]: actually you COULD have Alakazam, Gengar or Machamp if you're sad like me and have 2 consoles ^^'... but still have no friends =P (though it's not the reason why I bought the second one, I had a white DS lite and was nosing around ebay and found a limited edition Zelda one which HAD to be bought =3)
Though I never actually use them on my team, I tend to spend ages getting pokemon to lvl 100 that should never even get there (Sunkern for example =D.... and Magikarp ^^')

2010-06-10 [Evolution X]: Yes... my point was that you need friends to get a Gengar, Machamp or Alakazam... usually. I picked those three because they were the original ones, the ones that I never managed to get. T^T

2010-06-10 [AuroraLumos]: =3 rather than revision I decided to start making my own pokedex =D woop!

2010-06-11 [arthemis_]: :P OMG Aurora, that sounds wickedly time consuming getting a magikarp to lv. 100!!!

2010-06-11 [wicked fae mage]: I had all original 151 Pokemon at 100. Not just the final evolutions, all of them. And it is time consuming ^^;

Though it is something to do when you're very, very bored.

2010-06-11 [AuroraLumos]: wow that's impressive =D and it was pretty time consuming, though highly amusing beating the elite 4 with nothing but a lvl 100 magikarp xD

2010-06-11 [wicked fae mage]: Lol the team of no TMs! Caterpie! Metapod! Weedle! Kakuna! And our all time favorite contender...MAGIKARP!

2010-06-11 [AuroraLumos]: that's actually awesome =D lol

2010-06-12 [arthemis_]: How did you get a Mew? o_O

I remember that I trained a Magicarp painstakingly to lv. 15 (I believe) when it learns 'tackle', though even that attack was pathetic, not much more effect then 'splash'. Then I - with much frustration - got it to lv. 20 so it could finally evolve in something I actually could do something with.

2010-06-12 [AuroraLumos]: There's a really frustrating thing you can do on fire red/leaf green to get mew which I was always far far too lazy to do and there was events at Toys'R'Us in the uk a few years ago to get Mew =)
I never actually use Gyarados on my team, there's nothing it can do that a decent dragon type can't, other than ice beam maybe but I always have a dewgong ^_^ (also woop for Dragonite =D)

2010-06-12 [wicked fae mage]: Mew can be gotten legally through a glitch in red and blue. Skipping the battle with the kid above Cerulean who has a Slowpoke. Get a Pokemon with fly and walk past the Gambler standing outside of Saffron and hit start just as he notices you, fly to Cerulean, fight the kid with Slowpoke and then fly to Lavender town and walk toward Saffron. A Mew appears...I think it's level 6 or 7.

2010-06-12 [AuroraLumos]: cool! the one for fire red and leaf green is ridiculously long and over complicated =(

2010-06-12 [wicked fae mage]: Never heard of that one. But a lot of Easter eggs are.

And Dragonite is definitely a keeper Pokemon. Gyarados was more useful to me for taking out whole teams of Pokemon. Since Gyarados could learn electric, fire, water and ice attacks it was for exploiting weaknesses.

2010-06-12 [AuroraLumos]: ah it is good for that =D I did get extremely bored at one point and decided to make a whole team of dragonite.... it was good against everything but I got completely owned by my friend who had a high level ice type and electric type on their team ^^'
Dragonite's pretty adorable on HGSS when it's following you around =D (Gyarados looks way too small >.<)

2010-06-12 [wicked fae mage]: I haven't gotten far enough to have a Dragonite following me around, but that's mostly because I haven't been in the mood to play anything ><

2010-06-13 [AuroraLumos]: oh noes! I know what you mean though, all of last week I really wanted to play a game but after I tried a few I got bored/irritated after 5 minutes =( sucks.

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: I'm a dedicated Ghost collector, getting all the ghost pokemon I can. Right now I'm two down, Girgantina (or whatever it's name is) and Rotom, because you can't get them in HG. Gonna try and trade them over...

2010-06-13 [AuroraLumos]: Giratina =P and that's pretty cool =D

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: Shuppet and Bannette are scaryyyyy...

2010-06-13 [AuroraLumos]: I like Shuppet =D it's kinda cute for a ghost, and I like banette too! lol Drifblim creeps me out though =S

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: Ah... Drifloon and Drifblim... the child stealer pokemon. Most ghosts are actually really creepy and wierd. But Shuppet's feed on evil thoughts and ideas, so basically it eats malice and poops pain. And Bannette is a forgotten doll come to life through sheer anger, who stabs itself with needles to hurt people.

2010-06-13 [AuroraLumos]: lol yea that is pretty creepy, they look cute though =D

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: I hope there's some cool new Ghost pokemons in the new bunch.

2010-06-13 [AuroraLumos]: I hope so =D... that psychic pig thing looks weird oO

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: It's the new Drowzee basically... It's probably going to be called "Psychoderm" or something. It's a dream eater pokemon. I like Gears...

2010-06-13 [AuroraLumos]: I like the dark/ground crocodile =D

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: Alithug? Yeeeeah, it's awesome

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: Are the black and white pokemon lists announced already?

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: No, sneaky peaky pictures are being released. Also, Wotter FTW!

2010-06-13 [AuroraLumos]: what the water starter? I'm thinking I'm gonna have to go grass for the first time ever because a fire pig... really? And the otter looks really stupid >.<... it looks like a screwed up clown oO (if you want to see some black and white news then or are the sites I use =D)

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: I want to get the Water Otter because I want to see what it evolves into... and I've always gone water, no matter what. I'm just hoping for some awesome evolutions, because all pokemon look pretty messed up and stupid when they're the weakest level they are.

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: Nah, 1st generation were cute, same for 2nd. I always go fire since nobody I know plays with rock and ground types and I've always liked fire pokemon best. And I don't care if it's a fucking candle so long as it isn't fire/fighting types. I am sick of those!

2010-06-13 [AuroraLumos]: hahaha I can't see a pig being able to learn a lot of fire moves tbh so I doubt it's fire/figting. Maybe fire/lunch type xD walking crispy bacon anybody? =D I do really like the grass one though =D looks pretty awesome, it's evolutions better not be crap

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: Ghost/fire would be such an awesome dribbly candle... but they haven't made that type yet. I'm pretty sure you're out of luck though, the new fire monkey... thing looks like it's fire and fighting.

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: Probably x(
But one can hope for ghost/fire with levitate or a fire/ice type, fire/water, fire/electric, fire/grass, fire/psychic...we're getting a fire/dragon though ^^

And pokemon like Spoink and Grumpig were uber so pig pokes ftw! x)

And it will probably learn special fire moves like ember, flamethrower...maybe they'll incorporate heat tackle into the games since it started on the ball...probably some normal moves to be anticipated...if it is dual type it'll be fire/flying so pigs can fly!

The grass pokemon might even be a poison type Bulbasaur...and it will probably learn moves like absorb, bite, wrap, poison fang, grass knot...things of that nature

The water pokemon will probably bubble, watergun, bite, tackle, pound...and maybe be a ground type or they may go bold and make it a water/ice type.

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: I think if anything, water/ice, but it's kinda difficult to tell. Hell, if it's anything to go by other clown pokemon it'll be water psychic. There are new moves now as well, there's a "raise attack" move called Claw Sharpen... And a few other ones as well that I can't remember.

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: Water/psychic was okay. Starmie could recover and learn movies it hates. Slowbro and Slowking had high defensive stats and were good walls. Just hope if it is water/psychic it doesn't have extraordinary special attack and only learn physical attacks.

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: Oh and before I forget...any bets on Eevee-lutions?

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: Aren't water attacks special anyway? So water and psychic would be a good combination. Lets hope it's not one of the ones that just gets more human as it evolves, like Torchic and Grovyle...

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: Not after D/P/P. Attacks aren't divvied up by element anymore for special/physical. Fire punch is physical, flamethrower is special. Surf is special, waterfall is physical. They have every attack divvied up on bulbapedia and other similar places between physical, special and stat.

So memorizing: fire, water, grass, psychic, dark, dragon, electric as special and the remaining types as physical is now misleading. You can still attack a Mantine with thunder and do a lot of damage, but you'd be better off using volt tackle based on Mantine's stats.

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: ....... <_> Yes. Of course. Completely understood. There are majority more special water moves than physical ones though... And it would just go down to "surf, psychic" and some other ones I wouldn't really use...

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: And that is understood. Since generation 1 the movesets haven't exactly been superb. Like Magneton being a steel type and having the weaknesses of steel with no steel moves...and bug pokes...poor poor them...most of them didn't learn bug moves until generation 2 and that was fury cutter and probably a Scyther, Scizor, Parasect or Pinsir...

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: I never knew what bug was good against... apparently Dark, and that's the only relevant thing. It's wierd though... I never really liked bugs, maybe it's because I've had to beat the crap out of them a thousand times but the only ones I liked at the awesome ones you're meant to like.

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: Dark and psychic and grass are what bug is good against. I didn't like them because they're so easy to beat so no challenge and no defense if you use most of them. Pinsir was always a favorite of mine, though. It just looks bad ass ^^

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: I would both love AND hate an evolution of Pinsir. If they managed to make it five times more awesome without making it twelve times as ugly, like they did with Magmar and Electrabuzz, then I'd be happy.

2010-06-13 [AuroraLumos]: maybe they could find a super adorable prevolution for pinsir, just for the amusement factor xD

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: Lol a cute beetle with a bow in its pincer x)

2010-06-13 [AuroraLumos]: yea! =D it'd be wayy cute, baby bug pokemon!

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: x) I have to see this...before I am on my death bed...all bad ass pokemon with cute pre-evolutions.

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: Why do I imagine it having something that looks like a pacifier in it's mouth, so it's no longer all chompy looking? And it's like a little pill bug or something... or resembling the cutest cockroach ever.

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: I see something the size of Magby...the girls with a bow on the pincer, boys beneath their mouth...really big eyes and really sharp claws...

Which reminds me ^^ My Own Original Pokemon...

2010-06-13 [AuroraLumos]: squeeeee it sounds so cute =D

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: And brutal. Guillotine, slash...

2010-06-13 [AuroraLumos]: lol gotta love overpowered tiny pokemon, I bred some pikachu once and got a pichu with Thunder, Volt tackle, cute charm and quick attack Oo over powered much xD

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: Just a little x)

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: Now I'm imagining a Tyrogue situation where you have two pokemon that are awesome, the same type and kinda relate to one another, then have ONE pre-evolution of them. Like a Scyther AND Pinsir pre-evolution.

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: Huh...I'd think something more similar Meowth/Skitty or the turtle pokemon

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: Meh, it could be possible... I mean how similar looking were Tyrogue and it's evolutions? They were human-ish, that's the only relation.

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: Egg groups I guess would be the similar ground but that'd probably be it.

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: I'll give it a shot for your new pokemon thing...

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: ?

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: my own original pokemon....... might enter it in that

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: Oh, well, all are welcome ^^

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: Gotta think of a name now...

2010-06-13 [wicked fae mage]: Even something like Snowulf would do. The pokemon that are named something complex usually don't spark a picture to the name or the types to the name. Giratina or whatever the spelling is...still have to remind myself of its type...same for Dailgia, Mawile and the such. Compared to Charmander.

2010-06-13 [Evolution X]: Mawile is good for me, because it is a Maw... a massive mouth. And it does seem to smile a lot... Maw-ile... And it's also really strong. Baby pokemon have short names anyway, stuff that's easy to remember.

2010-06-14 [wicked fae mage]: Are there names for the hatching beetles and mantises?

2010-06-14 [Evolution X]: Not that I know of... Arthrax? Bypod? Myriatch?

2010-06-14 [wicked fae mage]: Well, the names of the babies are close to their parents except in the case of the triple cute and bug related?

2010-06-14 [Evolution X]: I like Bypod...

2010-06-14 [wicked fae mage]: It works ^^

2010-10-08 [Lothuriel]: omigosh!! Pokemon!!! I see so much of this at work that I dream of haunts my nightmares!! LOL Something to share ----> This pic is NOT kid friendly

Show content

2010-10-08 [SilverFire]: :O That would be a perfect use of the hide tag! *plug* :P

2010-10-08 [Lothuriel]: There ya go. Hide tag useded.

2011-04-26 [Hiro Kitaki]: my god. VagMonster...

2011-04-27 [XxTsomexX]: XD

2011-04-28 [SilverFire]: I was 'the pro' for Blue, but after that I've just been a defaulter. ._.

2011-04-29 [iippo]: I was a cross of legitimate and themer for blue.

2011-04-29 [Hiro Kitaki]: lolololololol

2011-04-29 [AuroraLumos]: Definite themer here :D (well only for party pokemon, no point in nicknaming ones that are going to get boxed anyway)

2011-04-30 [iippo]: *curious* What would be an example of your nicknames?

2011-05-01 [AuroraLumos]: At the moment I'm running a definite Dragon Age theme (My Serperior is called Fenris)
On Diamond I was very much in the LoZ area, I had a Floatzel named Linebeck, if I eventually get a Zorua (stupid wireless not working grumblegrumble) I'd definitely call it Midna.

Generally it depends what else I'm playing at the time though :)

2011-05-02 [iippo]: I've been considering doing a theme of "all previous pokemons" on White (that I'm playing now). So Sandile would be called Totodile, patrat rattata and so on and so forth. :P It really seems that they just redesigned and renamed all the old pokemon and said "here's all these new ones" >_>

2011-05-02 [SilverFire]: Purrlion = meowth. Pidove = pigeot, litwick = bloody retarded, but also ghastly.

Even all the place areas are the same. Early on we have to go through the foresty bit, then a cavey bit, then there's the ruiny bit followed by the dead-pokemon-towery bit.

2011-05-02 [Hiro Kitaki]: indeed. Serperior=orochi

2011-05-06 [Mortified Penguin]: I haven't played anything since Silver version!

2011-05-06 [Mortified Penguin]: And I'm still like two pokemon away from having all 151 on Blue... I'm a bit behind on all these games...

2011-05-07 [Hiro Kitaki]: wow...way behind...o.o

2011-05-07 [iippo]: Do you actually have friends who will trade you, or how can you catch them all?

2011-05-07 [Hiro Kitaki]: CHEAT!

2011-05-07 [Nioniel]: Cool page. :)

2011-05-07 [iippo]: You should start a pokedex... Admit it!

2011-05-07 [Nioniel]: I'm not very good at drawing...but it does sound fun.

2011-05-07 [iippo]: Ah, but srawing is only one way to catch pokemen here, not the only one. You could for example photograph them (in merchandise or toys or something/anything).

2011-05-07 [Nioniel]: Ohh, that I could definitely Okay then. :)

2011-05-07 [Mortified Penguin]: I've got a Gameshark, which is how I got my blue Mew, but I'm too lazy to use it to get the other Pokemon I don't have/can't get.

2011-05-07 [Hiro Kitaki]: ...thats suuuuper lazy.

2013-09-06 [Hiro Kitaki]: <img:>

2013-09-06 [Hiro Kitaki]: <img:>

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