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Pointless wiki

This is a list of wikis that are just randomly created for a laugh!

AAHE -- Advancing Human Evolution
All your base are belong to us
Always bored
Anna's Page!!!
Behind the Sofa
Booty squad
Deep, Dark, and COLD as HELL
Demon Registration
Draconic Nailo
Drunken smurf
God of Rebirth
hawthorne whores united
El's wardrobe
Frig The Proles
Free Burgers
Free Icecream
Free Pizza
Jelly Bracelets
Join This Wiki Page
my purple porker
People Who Don't Know How to Spell
quiet people kill
Random Conversations
Random People
Rubber Ducky Legion
Save The Peas
Stickmen killing
Table X
The Simple Person's Wiki
We Are All Idiots Committee
We Love Randomness
Wierd rambling story
Write what u want!
You Make The Wiki
Zombie Apocalypse Awareness

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2004-07-13 [SilverFire]: dude! XD i've done teh same thing as this... 'cept i gots a few more... heh guess that would be because of my lack of a life though :P

2004-08-28 [Praise Adonai]: demon registration? *ears perk* what if im a demoness? (nicknamed demonesque)

2004-09-14 [Yoruno]: I´ve deleted a comment, and a wiki, for owners request. ^_^ I deleted the comment because in there was the name of the wiki.

2004-09-14 [Kayne]: good :)

2004-09-14 [SilverFire]: I'm not sure if iippo is still watching teh page, so I'll say thanks for her, in case she isn't... and if she is...meh, you can get thanked twice, :-) thanks!

2004-09-16 [iippo]: i'm here! thanks guys...

2004-11-25 [kaeKae.]: yay! more pointless wikis to go to!

2004-12-01 [Yoruno]: Random People has been added ^_^

2004-12-02 [iippo]: no such thing

2004-12-03 [evil priestess]: wow this place really is pointless!

2004-12-03 [iippo]: i nominated you in the deus awards as the most pointless wiki...

2004-12-04 [Accio]: We appreciate your vote.

2004-12-04 [Yoruno]: Uh... thanks ^^U

2004-12-29 [I am no longer existant]: um, can someone add my wiki, lalaland! to this page somehow...I dont know the password.

2004-12-29 [Accio]: Lalaland! has been added.

2004-12-29 [I am no longer existant]: thankyou.

2004-12-29 [I am no longer existant]: hey accio, just wondering, can a person add their wiki page to any categories in which it falls into?

2004-12-29 [Accio]: What? You mean add your own wiki to the section? No, see that's why it's password protected. You can leave a comment so a mod could add it but actually adding the wiki yourself wouldn't be a possiblity.

2004-12-29 [I am no longer existant]: no I mean could you add my wiki to all of the categories that it fits in?

2004-12-29 [Accio]: That would mess up our count, though. See, each month me and Jewl count all the wikis and see if they are equal to the amount shown on the front page. If not, we have to go through all the wiki pages and find out why.

2004-12-29 [I am no longer existant]: I cant

2004-12-29 [Accio]: yea, so no.

2004-12-29 [I am no longer existant]: is there any way?

2004-12-29 [I am no longer existant]: at all? *sad*

2004-12-29 [I am no longer existant]: By the wat I noticed that "Lovers of The Tribe Unite!" has closed down, and "Im up for adoptoin doesnt exist

2004-12-29 [Accio]: Thank you.

2004-12-29 [iippo]: hah, you had buggery links... XD

2004-12-29 [I am no longer existant]: ya no problem

2005-01-07 [That Fuzz]: Are we allowed to advertise stuff here? =O

2005-01-07 [Yoruno]: Uhm... just wikis, if you want to...

2005-01-07 [That Fuzz]: Woo! People must join my two wikis... WTF?!, and Zombie Apocolypse Awareness!

2005-01-08 [iippo]: wow, silve are you getting this? our wtf has competition

2005-01-08 [SilverFire]: Bah.

2005-01-08 [iippo]: Indeed. and w00t, thee online!

2005-01-13 [Ryniel e' Lasavain]: how do you add a wiki to this page?

2005-01-13 [#9437]: you post your wiki in the comments and one of the workers adds it for you, if it matches this category.

2005-01-15 [That Fuzz]: Your wtf? *looks around*

2005-01-15 [#9437]: do you have a question?

2005-01-15 [Accio]: Yet again, this is not a chat wiki. Please cease and disist to leaving random comments. (not you [#9437])

2005-01-16 [MACCANATOR]: could u add three guys fromnj

2005-01-16 [MACCANATOR]: could u add three guys from nj

2005-01-16 [MACCANATOR]: sorry wrong spelling hold on

2005-01-18 [Yoruno]: Three guys from nj and three guys fromnj are both empty pages...

2005-02-15 [I am no longer existant]: Hey people visit my wiki, keyword: Lalaland

2005-04-22 [I am no longer existant]: can you add lalaland on to this page please???

2005-04-22 [Yoruno]: It's already up there, [I am no longer existant]...

2005-05-15 [Princess Carwash]: could you please add [my purple porker] please???

2005-05-21 [..and all that jazz]: can you add The Simple Person's Wiki please? Thanx :D

2005-05-27 [~Saraneth~]: Can you please add Rant Out Loud!???

2005-05-30 [Yoruno]: Added to the anti wiki

2005-07-14 [Miss Emma.]: May you please add We Love Randomness to this category ? If so, I'd greatly appreciate it ^_^ thank ye

2005-07-14 [Yoruno]: Added!

2005-08-04 [I am no longer existant]: excuse me, but could you add my new wiki, eatyournose on this list?

2005-08-04 [I am no longer existant]: Could you add my new wiki, eatyournose onto this list please????

2005-08-10 [Yoruno]: Added...

2005-08-23 [sequeena_rae]: Could you please add always bored please?

2005-08-23 [Yoruno]: Added!

2005-08-23 [sequeena_rae]: Thank you ^_^

2005-09-07 [thatcadmusguy]: could you add AAHE -- Advancing Human Evolution?

2005-09-07 [Yoruno]: Added...

2005-10-22 [.IntereSted In Madness.]: is guitar legends a pointless wiki or a unlabelled???

2005-10-27 [Accio]: It'd be in the fan wiki.

2005-11-30 [I am no longer existant]: could you add my new wiki, gurgleplop

2005-12-02 [Accio]: Added.

2005-12-11 [Flisky]: Could you add Behind the sofa please..

2005-12-12 [kittykittykitty]: it has been added

2006-03-04 [Sillydeadweight]: can someone add FASC please? ty^^

2006-03-05 [kittykittykitty]: haha -_o added

2007-02-21 [Just Simon]: I'm fairly sure Bob, Gary, and Dave should go here...
Could you add it please?

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