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2004-11-21 03:16:56
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[Siamese Strawberries]

Dancing In the Rain

Raindrops rolling down my cheeks,
Rainbows of leaves swirling at my feet,
I throw back my head, jump and run,
Rain-dancing away the cursed sun.

I twirl and spin, dancing around,
Rain patters harder with every bound,
Spinning in circles until I fall down,
The drumming rain makes a musical sound.

Then salty drops meet my fresh rain,
As my heart spills out locked away feelings,
Cob-webby memories running through my mind,
Distant and happy, faded with time.

I miss the times when we would play,
And how you used to hug me tight and say,
I love you so much my baby girl.
Those moments were bliss to a little toddler with curls.

I swallow back my sputtering sadness,
And dance again with renewed gladness,
Hoping, while pushing away the pain,
That you can see me dancing in the rain.

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2004-11-22 [Vilarus]: ok thats interesting leabie... you wrote a poem for The Chang too

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