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Make sure to visit Poetry communities for more great poetry wikis

o Start, My name is Jared, but you can call me [Insanelife], Insane for short, I wanted to make a wiki page of my own where people can come and enjoy and critique other peoples poetry and song lyrics. Basically, this is a place to come, hang out and talk about your poetry, music, or anything else you want.

1. Don't bash on people to bad
2. Don't steal other members poetry or song lyrics
3. Have fun
This isn't a rule, but I would like to ask that anyone who joins this wiki please put a banner from our banners page in your house, thank you.



I am looking for editers, moniters, and maybe a co-owner to kind of look after the wiki if I am away. Just mail [Insanelife] if interested, thanks.

If the poetry and lyric page get to big, I'll add more pages.

Poetry and Music - Members
Poetry and Music - Member Poetry
Poetry and Music - Suggestion Box
Poetry and Music - Member Song Lyrics
Poetry and Music - Banners and Badges
Poetry and Music - constructive critism
Poetry and Music - Random Crap and Chat
Poetry and Music - Poetry Talk

Username (or number or email):


2005-03-09 [Insanelife]: Welcome All

2005-03-09 [The real life Bella Swan]: Sign me up

2005-03-22 [The real life Bella Swan]: would you like me to make another badge or 2? You've seen my badge-work(the good half I hope, some of it isn't very creative). Cause I'd be glad to unleash my creativity again when I get the chance. Warning: one might have my poem "Ode to Writing" on it.

2005-03-22 [Insanelife]: Actually, that would be great, hey, do you have any good ideas on how to attract people

2005-03-22 [The real life Bella Swan]: Just wait, I can tell a few friends about it, otherwise, you should just let people stumble across it(its my experience that they tend to get ma if you try to advertise).

2005-04-02 [The real life Bella Swan]: Grrr, you! You keep changing the wiki! Hehe.

2005-04-02 [Insanelife]: Lol, yeah, I keep think of new things all the time though.

2005-04-02 [The real life Bella Swan]: *nods* I can help manage if you like . . .

2005-04-02 [The real life Bella Swan]: You should add a constructive critism part to the wiki . . .

2005-04-02 [Insanelife]: that would be cool, what position would you like, I have co-owner, editer, and moniter open, or if you want I can add manager to the list. It doesn't matter to me

2005-04-02 [Insanelife]: i will add a constructive critism part as well, thanks for the idea

2005-04-02 [The real life Bella Swan]: co-owner and manager would be about the same I guess . . .

2005-04-02 [Insanelife]: ok

2005-04-02 [Insanelife]: thanks for all the help

2005-04-03 [Insanelife]: does any1 here think I should put up a poll to determin which poems should put on the main page?

2005-04-03 [The real life Bella Swan]: that'dbe a good idea

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