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2006-03-23 07:49:33
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ahh the elusive writings of a psycho....

"Share with me"
At the end of the day,you walked in and found where I lay.
The blood was just begining to pool
and in my hand you saw that deadly tool
the afternoon sun caught the dripping blade
my blood for you not loving me what a trade 
my body feels lighter now, I've made it this far but how?
you found the note I had left for you
you called 911 but there was nothing that the paramedics could do.
they made their apologies
and left you alone with me
you fall to your knees and begin to cry; screaming at me asking why I had to die
suddenly it dawns on you, that you can do it too, as you realize you've got no one left
you reach across my body for the instrument of our death.

blood kisses death
it comes from within
suicide it's the sweetest sin
cold metal touches my skin
the blade slices deep
i hold my breath and watch the blood flow
slow at first,then rushes out in an overflow
letting go now
this is the only way
wondering how then ending my stay

Let go
sometimes i just want to let go
slit my wrists and let the blood flow
scarlet tears from my wrists
beautiful as i let go of all of this

nothingness closes in on me.....burst of light from above angels of death with crimson wings of fury

happy happy joi joi!!!!!!!
hahahaha the poodles are after you and not me

the fury that i feel is nothing compared to my loathing of you.............
everyone who feels that they have to have a label should choke on their spit and die...motherfuckers...hahahahahaha

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2006-08-29 [Pink_Pixie]: Hey everyone, If you write poetry check out my wiki: *Yours and Mine: ET Poets United*

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