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Poems Under The Grave


I broke into your house last night
On the night that darkness never ends
There was no one to hold me tight
On that night the evil stands

I broke in and lost and found
Cauldrons, candles, cats
Magic fires, that is been danced around
Witches and wizards with haunted hats.

I broke in and screamed trick or treat
only ghosts there to awnser my call
Only me and his lonely seat.
Spiders crawling up and under the cracking wall

And there he stood
Standing still just like the everlasting night
In the magical woods
The wizard who brought me the light
In this dark and howling Halloween night.

Poem by :[Emuse]

This is the place where I'll choose the winner for the Poetry communities. Just because you arn't chosen doesn't mean that I don't like your poem. All your poems were amazing and wonderfully, morbid....but this poem I liked cause it ryhmed just right. Congrats!

Feel free to add your poems in here, if your lucky I may like your poem and decorate your name on one of my pages...that won't be a for a while, so don't expect it too soon, if you want anything on it, just ask me and maybe I can help you out!

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2004-08-08 [DarkJenni]: So, this page is under the works and I am a little lost on what to do...*stares at the emptyness in her room* any body got any thing good?

2004-08-08 [This site is lying to you]: i like it

2004-08-08 [DarkJenni]: yeah, I wanna do stuff like have other poeple get into it and put there poems and what not in it...i'm so lost *smiles at you*

2004-08-09 [Celebri√§nEluch]: Jen......this is awesome. I will put poems in here, you bet!

2004-08-09 [DarkJenni]: Okay, thanks...once I try to figure it out...LMFAO.

2004-08-09 [CelebriänEluch]: Lol

2004-08-09 [cheated and gone]: i can see if i can find the poems i did and let u post em if u want 2

2004-08-09 [DarkJenni]: Just go underneath the titles and place in there what you want.

2004-08-09 [livingdeadgurl]: its an awsome poem other livingdeadgirl good job

2004-08-09 [DarkJenni]: thankyou....wait tell you see what happens

2004-08-10 [DarkJenni]: thinks on changing her name back to the "original" its too confusing...Lol.

2004-08-10 [DarkJenni]: *sighs* now my eyes arn't dancing *pokes livingdeadgurl* that name just didn't fit me...whatcha think?

2004-08-12 [livingdeadgurl]: *pokes darkmistress* hmm i like it

2004-08-15 [livingdeadgurl]: hey im learning how to make banners!!! woot ima try and make one for u !!

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