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Poems Under The Grave


I broke into your house last night
On the night that darkness never ends
There was no one to hold me tight
On that night the evil stands

I broke in and lost and found
Cauldrons, candles, cats
Magic fires, that is been danced around
Witches and wizards with haunted hats.

I broke in and screamed trick or treat
only ghosts there to awnser my call
Only me and his lonely seat.
Spiders crawling up and under the cracking wall

And there he stood
Standing still just like the everlasting night
In the magical woods
The wizard who brought me the light
In this dark and howling Halloween night.

Poem by :[Emuse]

This is the place where I'll choose the winner for the Poetry communities. Just because you arn't chosen doesn't mean that I don't like your poem. All your poems were amazing and wonderfully, morbid....but this poem I liked cause it ryhmed just right. Congrats!

Feel free to add your poems in here, if your lucky I may like your poem and decorate your name on one of my pages...that won't be a for a while, so don't expect it too soon, if you want anything on it, just ask me and maybe I can help you out!

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2004-09-09 [DarkJenni]: why, thankyou!

2004-11-06 [RoseAngel]: Hello, does anyone have to be a Evanescence fan? They are one of my favorite bands....

2004-11-06 [livingdeadgurl]: i like evanescence

2004-12-22 [vintagepepper]: i like to write poetry. its all agnst poetry though. nothing really happy. cuz well yea im not that happy of a person i guess. o well. i have a few of my poems in my house if you would like to read them. they are there. ...

2004-12-23 [DarkJenni]: okay! and you've come to right spot for none happy poems!!

2004-12-23 [livingdeadgurl]: *goes ta read vin's house*

2005-04-29 [blaze333]: may i join if so and u put me in write me and tell me at [blaze333] please thank u

2005-07-27 [FAGGOTxcore {{grody}}]: how do u get that banner?

2005-07-28 [DarkJenni]: [The_Soulforged] took a picture of it, do you want in your description or something?

2005-08-02 [Darkside Of Ambition]: hey guys i was thinkin bout postin another poem up here. can you guys tell me which one i have them all in a wiki poems...

2005-10-29 [bluefairy27]: hey people i made a new banner so please go check it out amd let me know if there is anything i shuold change about it.

2005-10-30 [DarkJenni]: i like that banner you made. ^_^

2005-10-30 [RoseAngel]: As do I...very nice. :)

2005-11-20 [Mikaila]: do u guys get gunk in ur bellybuttons? mines always clean...

2005-11-21 [RoseAngel]:, I mine is always clean too...maybe because I shower everyday.

2005-11-21 [DarkJenni]: lol....mmmm shower.

2005-11-21 [Mikaila]: goodgood... hygiene is ur friend *breaks into song*

2005-11-22 [RoseAngel]: Hehe ::sings along::.

2005-11-22 [Mikaila]: *licks ur face* u are kewl

2005-11-23 [RoseAngel]: ::giggles::

2005-11-25 [Mikaila]: hehehehehehe, no1 else seems to use this thingy... do you think i scared them away??

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