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2006-01-12 14:59:49
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Poems with Tyme



Sun brings no joy
Moon gives no relief either
With me, emotions and inner demons toy
Broken dreams forever torment
What if? If only. . .?
Restless, my soul knows no peace
Wildly flying from hot to cold
Uselessly screaming for rest
My world slowly dying, my mind full of mold
In a place so cold, I burn those around
In the heat of my passion, those I love I freeze out
No emotion to show, yet inside alive
Boiling, threatening to destroy
Life so cold and cruel, and yet I am forced to survive.


To be reborn
To start anew

To release your soul
To soar the world

In my mind
I am reborn

In a world my own
I cannot be hurt

I am entering my world
Won't you join me?

Vicious Cycle

Shattered dream, like butterflies wings
Flutter to the floor
Twisted emotions, curling like smoke
Fill the frame
Black depression, an ever present vail
Hovers like a shadow
Vivid imagination, continually blooming flower
Used to soothe the soul
Strange mind, racing like a wildfire
Churning out new dreams
Reality, a heavy iron curtain
Falls and starts the cycle again.


Take away my eyes,
So they cannot see my fear

Take away my ears,
So I cannot hear their criticisms

Take away my tongue,
So I cannot lash out

Take away my face,
So that they cannot read my emotions
Silence, fear, frustration, confusion, violence, anger

Take away my body
So it forces them to see me for me
No legs, breasts or pretty face

Look at me now
Do you like what you see?

A smoldering being of molten emotion
No way to control it
Just to be it

I'm fine with that,
Why can't they be?

Approach Not Hither

Approach not hither,
Though thou hast good intent.
For in order to hold an angel,
Thou must first go through Hell.

Approach not hither,
Though thy heart desires.
Go first and awaken thine soul,
Seekith and find out the Truth.

Approach not hither,
I plead for your patience.
I seek not to hurt thee,
The thought fills me with sorrow.

Approach not hither,
Do not fear thy journey.
Let me be thine angel,
For I will always catch thee.

Approach not hither,
For now, a chasm parts us.
Verily, together we can span it,
Thus becoming forever entwined.

Approach not hither,
But I shalt be forever with thee.
Thine shadow, thine cover, thine intercessor,
Trust me, for I will always be there to aid thee.


There's someone I need to love
She does the best she can
I'm always to busy for her
I've left her behind in life

I give my others
My friends get my all
To them I tend and nurture
But her, I've abandoned

She's gotten lost and is crying
I tell her to be quiet
I told her I'll have time for her later
But the time is slipping by

Who is this forgotten one?
This girl who's lost her way?
The girl with a listening ear and quick smile
The girl who has abandoned herself. . . is me

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