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Poems That Rythme

Dragon child

Soft steps run swiftly
A stone falls. Hush!
A backward glance
At the lonely cry of a thrush

A delighted sigh of relief
The clearing is up ahead
Shunned by mankind
This is her butter and bread

She calls out
A monster swoops in
Greeting her with delight
She is a dragon tamer, the greatest sin

A smile, a new charge
Laughter as the kitling plays
Oops, the bug is fried
Mother wakes as baby cries

The lessons begin
Different commands to learn
Heavy weights to be carried
Various targets to burn

Why such secrecy?
Should she not be honored?
The village, her people often saved
The royalty simply won't be bothered

As the world scorns
She tames these noble beasts
Without her and her kin
Nobility wouldn't have their feasts

They are the watchers
They guard the king's lands
Defenders from invaders
But get no reward from their king's hands

Woe strikes the Dragon Child
Her mate lies dead
Killed for entering the village
Anger fills her head

"Call off, call off
The watches of the lands
The people of the village aren't deserving
My husband died at their hands."

"When war descends
For protection let them plead
Honor is what we deserve
At their plight my heart won't bleed."

The clan elder spoke up
"Hush, my child, anger clouds your sight
Bitterness fills your heart like a blight
Remember who put the Watch in place."

" Dragon lord Tallok , son of the king
His blood runs through our veins
His brother slew him, another Abel and Cain
The watch was made in his honor."

"To end the watch would dishonor him
Even now, enemies seek to fight
Against them we must show our might
For once again we will be honored."

Even as he spoke, the enemy struck
The villagers milled in fright
Their cries soared like a kite
Defenders fled unto the castle walls

But lo, all is not lost
The dragon riders fly unto the call
At their hands, the enemy began to fall
The villager's cries change from despair to joy

The battle is over
The king clatters quickly through the halls
The gates open, he comes out off the walls
And gazes upon the village

Tragedy shows its face
Struck down, the Dragon Child is found
Her mount carried her to the ground
Her husband, she has joined

With tears in his eyes, the king knelt
From her breast, an infant he takes
He raises the child and a new law he makes
The scribes run to take it down

"Hear me now and hear me forever
Her husband we did wrongly take
But she delivered a child in his wake
A new Dragon child to take her place."

"Let us forever honor the dragon rider
Our gratitude, we shall always give
For with out them we would not live."
The king sighed and closed his eyes

Opening them again, he let out a great cry
"The fear the enemy has is not mild
Let there always be a Dragon Child!"

The Gold Band

I scream, but no one hears me
I fling myself at the doors of my cell
Is there no one who can see me?
Am I alone at the bottom of this well?

Eternally falling, the feeling in me rises
The light is forever fading
Do I give unto the sighing?
I wont surrender unto the darkness growing

A final call, a desperate plea for aid
Was that an echo? A taunting spirit?
"I am here, you are not alone." the voice said
How can I approach the sound without fearing it?

So long to darkness bound
So long without hearing a loving voice
Is it possible I have been found?
Can I fly unto it, or is it my choice?

My chains shatter, the walls around me fall
Like a young bird, I stretch my wings and fly
Out of my cage I flee unto the call
Who was it who gave me this high?

Arms envelop me and hold me tight
I look up to see who they belong to
My lover had never given up the fight
Beside me he had stayed true

Even when I couldn't see him
He was there holding my hand
When life for us was dim
He stayed, his love in that little gold band

From sorrow now free
We fly, light as a feather
Ah, such a sight to see
True love. Together.


People smile and wave
I laugh and say hello
Are you here to talk awhile?
To laugh and sing and grow?

I offer a place of comfort
A place to talk or hide
A place to be unjudged
Do you wish to come and bide?

A shoulder to cry on
If you need, a warm embrace
I'll listen to your joys and woes
Your troubles I'll help you face

Shall I be your mother
And protect you when I can?
Shall I be your sister
And help you with your plans?

Shall I be a friend
And help you when you fall?
Or shall I be your lover
And listen to your darkest secrets of all?

I'm always here, remember
The rest is up to you
T be there for you I'm willing
This poem will always be true

The Elephant

There is an elephant in the corner
So obvious to you and me
An issue, a sorrow, a burden
A symbol of what can't be

There is an elephant in the corner
So close we cannot see
How can we move bast him
A problem to fix, you and me

There is an elephant in the corner
Remove your blindfold and see
We can't ignore it anymore
Hand in hand, we'll face is, you and me.


Slit my throat and watch me die
Let me bleed the poison free
Close your ears when I cry
Eyes wide open, but cannot see

Muscles torn and rotting away
Bones fall to dust and scattered
Soul entrapped, for release it doth pray
No peace in life nor death, for it never mattered.


View the crying goddess, she cries with no eyes
View the tormented goddess, she fell for their lies
View the fallen goddess, she cannot stand tho' she tries
View the enslaved goddess, prevented to move under freedom's guise
View the lost goddess, her life, the highest bidder buys
View the forgotten goddess, no one around when she dies

Untitled 2

hidden tears, roving mind
sharp and glistening, blood flows from a knife's sweet kiss
why can't these frustrations be released?
a morbid obsession, I find

this addiction has no reason
my intensity growing within
with no release, it eats me inside
a growing pain, no passing season

to feel one's mind going to waste
not having a goal nor passion
even now I would settle for even lust
emotions with no bounds, I die to taste

death has no appeal
but life gives no joy either
to have nothing to love
this is my fate, my seal

Patience, Please

Please pardon my lack of trust
Do you like me or is it lust?
Please pardon my lack of sight
Your feelings do give me a fright

I know you're there waiting
But, I'm quietly not dating
I plead with you patience, please
I hope my coldness doesn't make you leave

Please pardon my lack of trust
I don't know if you love me or if it's lust
Please pardon my lack of sight
For my feelings give me a fright


child of the shadows, forced into the light
trembling and alone, she is considered a fright
Have you ever seen such a sorrowful sight?
the sad little shadow child, thrust into the light

Temple Guard

Through those cold and empty eyes
How many joys have you seen?
A blushing bride, a shy groom
The courtyard filled with happy cries

How many horrors have you heard?
The temple filled with whispers
Young men sacrificed to Mars
Childish skirmishs caused by a careless word

With that heart of stone
How often would you feel it break?
Maidens forced to watch as lovers die
Temple ealls echo with a dying moan

Here you sit, cold and strong
As the tide of sorrow rose and fell
Have you ever wondered about mankind?
Our silly pride, the roots deep and long

A Black Rain Falls

Watch as the black rain falls
With smoky tears of despair
It's pouring on a sunny day
What a day to die, oh yay.

I try and understand (understand what?)
I watch you and what you do
Do you mean to be this cruel (so cruel)
Or are you blind to my pain?

You beg for my respect (not granted)
Claim you'd die for my love
But then you slap me in the face
Rip out my heart (for it was never there), and let me die!

Watch as the black rain falls
With smoky tears of despair
It's pouring on a sunny day
What a day to die, oh yay.

Overwhelming, enveloping, driving
Set my desires, drawn by a force unknown (unknown)
Try and run, it will pull you down (forever down)
What's the use of hope? It's dead (forever dead)

Do you hear me screaming?
Do you faggots even care? (fuckin' care!)
Can you comprehend my frustration
Or is this just a fuckin' game! (bastards, die!)

Watch as the black rain falls
With smoky tears of despair
It's pouring on a sunny day
What a day to die, oh yay

Oh, what a day to die, what a day (oh yay, hurrah!)


When up becomes down,
And the other way 'round

My world never settles,
My feet never stay aground

The instant I become relaxed,
My world begins to tremble

Helpless to stop it,
My world turns upside-down

As I pick up the pieces
And put it back together

The helplessness fills me
What's the use of rebuilding,

If my world will just fall down?


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