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[Anvikit]'s world of Plush!!

Welcome, this is where all of my plush things I create come to frolic. :D

If you have any questions for me or would like me to make you a plush toy of your very own, please feel free to drop me a note anytime :)

Know that I have my own style as seen below. If you do want me to make you something it will cost money. It takes time and effort to make these little guys and they are hand made one of a kind and not mass produced. Everything is hand stitched, unless I say otherwise/ learn how to use a sewing machine hehe.

Adorkable little troll.

Custom plush keychains!! Aren't they cute!! Great to put on your keychain or to wear to a con as a badge!

7 inch plush puppy made for my daughter! ain't he cute!!


Different style little white bunny.


8 inch dragon plush made for my son.


Plushie Pileup!!


Cthulhu Critters, Made for display in the CrammedOrganisms Art Show 2008





BlueMoonYum! Contest entry for local art show sponsered by Blue Moon Brewery, Don't know if I made it in yet, but Plush on Canvas = Adorable. This will not be my last in this format!
(acrylic on 6x8in canvas with pens and markers, custom made plush and hand crafted mini bottle made out of cardboard)

Too much fun with plush paint and canvas!! (will get better pictures soon I hope!) Blue Bird
<img500*0:stuff/BlueBird.jpg> <img500*0:stuff/BlueBirdSV.jpg>

Dun nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh ... BATMAN!!

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2007-10-03 [Wunjo*]: I seriously wánt that bunny. XD

2007-10-03 [Jitter]: *agrees about the bunny*

All of them are cute but the bunny is priceless ^^

2008-07-15 [Mortified Penguin]: What? No penguin plushes?

2008-07-21 [SilverFire]: Featured Wiki <img:44166_1164145221.gif>

2008-07-21 [nehirwen]: *Loves the plushes* <img:44166_1164903263.gif>
The bunny is priceless indeed. x)

2008-07-22 [Asrun]: omg, these are awesome!!! XD I like the Octobunny

2008-07-24 [Skydancer]: Brilliant work, just brilliant !!

2008-07-24 [Daisy le Fleur]: Very Creative =D And adorable ;)

2008-07-25 [blood_fairy21]: I LOVE THEM!!! can i get one please please!!!O.o

2008-07-27 [SilverFire]: :O I went to rate this page, but it's not exported. :( If you don't want to export it, that's absolutely fine, but I can't rate it unless you do. Just letting you know. :)

2008-07-28 [Anvikit]: I'm not sure how to export ... I tried to but it still didn't work :P

And thanks everyone for the wonderful comments :D Be assured there are more critters to come soon!

2008-07-28 [SilverFire]: It said it was exported, but you'd set the viewing to 'forum members only - and editable by owner only'. I changed that to 'exported, but editable by owner only', hope you don't mind. <.< I'll rate it now.

2008-07-28 [Anvikit]: It is set to editable by owner only & exported.. I donno why it's not working..

I do have it only editable by myself, because well... I don't want to get a hacked page "haha I deleted your stuff!!" .. but I have nothing selected about the forums..

donno why it's saying that.. oh well, :) and thanks!

2008-08-04 [BlackDragon]: These are.. AWESEOME! I just love the dcragon, naturally, and the strange mixtures.. very creative. Keep doing these creatures cause they're wonderful!

2008-08-24 [blood_fairy21]: the birdie's cute!!

2008-08-26 [Todd van elslande]: plush! their all cute ^^

2008-08-30 [arthemis_]: You make AWESOME plushies! Great idea to make them on canvas board too! *cheers*

2008-08-31 [Love and Chaos]: Too cool. Thats awesome that you do that! They're too cute!

2008-09-01 [Anvikit]: Thanks :D I have many more plush and paint on canvas projects planned, and I'll be sure to post them here!

2008-09-01 [Love and Chaos]: Sweet! I look forward to seeing more!

2008-11-13 [LyssaWhat]: Wow! They are all SUPER CUTE! I <3 the bunnies

2008-11-18 [Anvikit]: Yeah!!

2008-11-24 [Silver Moon]: they are scary *hides* just kidding cute

2008-11-24 [Anvikit]: A bit of both :D

2008-11-24 [Silver Moon]: lol yea

2008-11-24 [Silver Moon]: I want one though lol

2009-01-14 [NewMoon17]: You have some awfully interesting art on your page =)

2009-01-15 [Anvikit]: so long as it's a good kinda interesting ;) *winkage*

2009-07-26 [Jeccabee]: These are so cute! I've been wanting to get into making lil small plushes (like only a couple inch tall) and hand sown. 

2009-10-23 [arthemis_]: Your plushies rock so much, that I'm inspired to make my own :D

2009-11-16 [Jeccabee]: well I've started mine plush collection! I've got 3 owls, 2 pigs, a frog, a cow and a dog!
I've got pictures just have to put them on my computer! LOL

thanks for the inspiration!

2009-12-07 [sweet.tx.tea]: These are SERIOUSLY cute.

2009-12-26 [~Spirit Fox~]: O.O It's a fox! <333333333

2010-03-27 [*Phoenix*]: These are so cute!!! What do you make them out of?

2010-03-28 [Mortified Penguin]: Live puppies. She lets them suffer up to two hours before harvesting their fur. The agony really helps soften up the fabric and makes the plushes truly huggable.

2010-03-28 [*Phoenix*]: lol. That's not very nice!

Anyways...I don't think she would do that...

2010-10-23 [Anvikit]: They are mostly fleece with cotton fabric and faux fur accents. :D

D: puppies~!!! DX

2010-10-24 [*Phoenix*]: Cool, cool. I think I like the bunny the best.....

2010-10-30 [Nioniel]: I'm in love with the Bunny of Doom. How much do you charge for these?

2010-10-30 [Anvikit]: Bunny of doom should be up for sale soon as I still have him.. He was in a show in St. Louis and is in a book that went along with the show (I'm trying to start an etsy page) .. He'll be 55$ like he was priced in the show. My newer ones might be a little more, My troll I'mma try out at $85 usd since these guys do take a bit of time and are all hand sewn and drafted by hand.. hehe

2010-10-31 [Nioniel]: Cool, let me know when you get him back. :)

2010-10-31 [Anvikit]: Oh I have him now :) he's *looks around* Right behind me.. haha I brought him up to see how he looked size wise beside my troll earlier today. :) .. The show was a few years back..

2010-10-31 [Nioniel]: Oh, I must have misunderstood what you wrote.

2011-04-21 [Alexi Ice]: Oh! In the plush pileup the bat is so cute ~

2011-08-05 [Fallen Child Athena]: So cute!!!!!!! I like the Black and white bunny. The one with the X on it :D

2012-12-12 [Kbird]: this are awsome!!XD

2012-12-13 [Anvikit]: Thank you :)

2012-12-13 [Kbird]: your welcome!:)

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