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2008-02-29 02:50:42
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God Hand. Playstation 2. Action. 9/10 An action packed, western themed, I-whoop-your-ass-for -fun kind of game that'll be sure to keep you busy for a while. That's God Hand in a nutshell. It doesn't have the most impressive graphics, it certainly doesn't have the best storyling to ever exist, but what it is more than makes up for those minor flaws.
In God Hand, you play as ........, a man who's right arm looks like it missed the memo on what arms are supposed to be made of. In truth, it's actually a powerful gift bestowed upon the main character that seriously comes in handy. He's a smart ass, giving him a personality that, quite frankly, enhances the games playability factor greatly.
The fighting style is rudimentary. You press a button, he attacks. Straightforward, but the combo variations you can assign to these single buttons is incredible. Tons of moves to link together and even special 'roullette' (sp?) moves to liven up the fight every now and then. But with added power comes added difficulty. Even under the normal mode, the game is a harsh, unforgiving mistress that wants to grab you by the throat and smack you up a few times for even glancing at another T.V. screen.
There's plenty of regular missions to play through, and bonus missions inside of the regular missions, so you've got plenty to do just there. But, for the gambler in all of us, there's also several gambling stations including: poker, blackjack, roullettes, and chihuahua races. Then, for those who're too hardcore for the regular fighting, they have the arena. The arena is a set of preconditioned fights that you have to battle through, proving your skill to the world, and some of those fights make even the toughest parts of the game seem like warm spring breezes.
Despite all the good, the game can be a bit too hard in places, and may even get insanely repetitive depending on your approach to the game. Also, as I mentioned earlier, it's an older PS2 title, so the graphics quality isn't necessarily 'on par' with some people's standards.
So, to all of you who just love kicking and ounching the crap out of bandits and freaks, go ahead and pick up God Hand. There's plenty for you to do, and rumor has it that playing for long enough will unlock you something nice to look at, but that's for you to find on your own.

Seriously though, they're some nice pictures of Olivia. STOP JUDGING ME!
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