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2008-02-07 17:33:09
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Dynasty Warriors 3-5 + 3-5 Extreme


Dynasty Warriors 3-5 + 3-5 Extreme Action. Playstation 2. 6/10: Locked in a time worn struggle for power, three factions war it out in ancient China for total dominance. So choose your favorite warrior and battle it out to claim victory!
As exciting as the concept seems, the actual implementation of it leaves a lot to be desired. While there are over 40 characters to play as, and each has their own unique sets of weapons, there's not much to do once you have their final weapons, and the characters themselves are easy enough to unlock as well. The storyline is the same throughout all the games, and the battles only normally vary in name or shape. While there is a ton of unlockable items, and final weapons are a pain to obtain, the time and effort it takes to get most of them just isn't worth it unless it's for one of your favorite characters.
The expanisive levels end too soon, and the objectives are all easy enough when not on extreme mode. You'll also need to play for countless hours before your characters are ready for extreme mode, otherwise one hit from any sort of ANYONE will kill you dead (Darned archers!). Koei went the 'blood is bad' way, and decided instead to put little sparkles for every hit. Oh joy.
Overall though, the games aren't bad. Each offers some slight variations to gameplay, like the duel system in 4 where you can fight one-on-one with enemy generals. Musou attacks make killing dozens of enemies at once easy enough, and often look rather pretty, especially when done in a combo with a second player. However, in contrast, the battle system is so simplistic that any idiot who sawed off 6 of their own fingers for food could still play the game fairly well.
To those of you who're looking to change the history of China, or to just kill a bunch of mindless zombies dressed in armor who swing like they forgot what a sword was halfway through, DW is a series for you. If you want a way to kill time, DW is for you. But if you want something that offers you a good reward for anything less than beating a level in ten seconds flat when it takes 72 hits to kill a peasant (it's an overexaggeration, I know.) then perhaps you should look elsewhere.
-[Tyr and Zao Hawk]
(P.S. I'm still looking forward to DW6 though. It offers the potentiality of a new and exciting twist to the series.)


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