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2008-02-12 00:38:05
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Chaos Legion Playstation 2. Action. 8/10 Locked in a struggle that seems all too common, Chaos Legion throws you right into the middle of a battle to save the world from your ex-best friend turned psychotic bringer of death.
What it lacks for in originality in storyline though, Chaos Legion more than makes up for in the its originality in gameplay and how just plain fun it is. It offers a fairly simple style of game (jump, attack, special move, etc) which is easy enough to pick enough, but difficult to truly master due to the plethura of abilities that you have to keep track of. You're also given control of things called 'Legions' which will attack for you, if you let them. The Legions also give you different skills, attacks, and advantages over certain enemies depending on which you choose. There's a total of seven, and each is extremely useful depending on the situation you find yourself in. You can also level up your legions, making them more and more powerful, unlocking more abilities and giving you an even greater upper hand on the increasingly difficult enemies.
Unfortunately, as almost always, there are a few downsides to this mostly amazing game. The Legions, while extremely fun to use, are oftentimes useless unless guided every step of the way, letting themselves get killed on enemies that they can't even attack, and leveling them up can get to be extremely time consuiming when you need something like 10,000,000 Exp just to gain one level, and the average level will give you just over 1,000,000 during the later stages of the game. You are also able to play another character for an entire level, but after that level she becomes just an additional storyline developer. Rather bothersome to people who want to keep her around. The game is also extremely unforgiving, and even when you have a maxed out team of legion and character stats, some enemies will still knock you around like you're a rag doll. Not to mention the fact that the game makes it seem like you've just been thrown into the middle of a storyline that they only reveal bits and pieces of to you. Rather vexing. Oh, and there's either a problem with the translations, or just really poor writing on the part of the makers, because a lot of the dialogue is all 'Blah!' "Yatta Yatta!" and then 'Die!' sort of style.
Overall, Chaos Legion is a very fun game for those of you looking to control otherworldly powers at the will of your fingertips. It's challenging, exciting, and will keep you busy for at least a whole day (if you're going to try leveling your legions up a bit). So go try it out, if you can find it.
-[Tyr and Zao Hawk]

(P.S. If there's a prequel or something, someone please tell me. It looks way too damn interesting. >.<)

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