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2011-05-07 21:59:55
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Playlist Inspiration Competition

Song(s) of Inspiration:
<img300: Fully filled out, of course. (: And feel free to upload directly to this page.

Entires go below! (:

Username: [Triola]
Song(s) of Inspiration: Jar of Hearts, by Christina Perri.
Piece/Title: The Collector

Username (or number or email):


2011-05-08 [Akayume]: OMFG I LOVE THIS. :D :D :D :D

2011-05-08 [Triola]: Thanks :D I hope it's okay that it's just lines, I'll update it if I colour it

2011-05-08 [Akayume]: Is fineeee! :P I am not picky at all.

2011-06-25 [Roma]: Um... this is the best. Ever.

2011-06-25 [Akayume]: :3 I agree.

2011-06-25 [Triola]: :D

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