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2011-01-18 01:00:25
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Bonjour! Welcome to the Playlist Inspiration Competition!

Well, this is a fairly simple competition. I've compiled a "playlist" of songs for the inspiration, and it is your task to choose one or several of the songs to draw inspiration from! Create a photo manipulation, write a poem or some prose, take a photo, or create art! All that I ask is that you use your OWN artistic abilities, and if you do create a photo manipulation, to give credit where credit is due. List what song(s) you drew inspiration from with your entry. There will be a public poll for each category, and I will also pick a personal favorite for each. (: I'll also probably create a nifty badge or something. So go out! Create! andddd... Have fun!

The Playlist:

Username (or number or email):


2011-01-18 [sweet.tx.tea]: Good idea! <3

2011-01-18 [Captain Rachel Black]: I was actually thinking of doing something like this! Bust as usual you did it better than I would have XD

2011-01-18 [Aeolynn]: you can make a playlist on youtube of the total songs instead of listing them one by one


2011-01-18 [Akayume]: This is a good point, but I wouldn't want ya'll to see my youtube channel with my embarrassing fashion videos. X3 I might do that. Thanks for the tip Aeo. (: 

2011-01-18 [Akayume]: And I'm sorry Cap'n! Is not better. :3 But now you must enter. :O

2011-01-18 [Captain Rachel Black]: I is caught!

2011-01-18 [Akayume]: *ebil cackling*

2011-01-19 [Kuramasgirl]: This sounds really interesting. :D If I can fit it into my schedule, I'd love to participate.

2011-01-19 [Akayume]: Squee! :3

2011-03-18 [Akayume]: Peeeeeopleeeee... We need more interest. :(

2011-03-18 [Chimes]: I completely forgot about this. o.o Stress, I blame it.

2011-03-18 [Akayume]: :P At least I reminded you.

2011-03-18 [Chimes]: Well, I can't do anything about it until... April :P

2011-03-18 [Kuramasgirl]: Considering my teachers have told me that we will be stepping up the pace when I get back from Spring Break, I don't know when I'll have the chance to make an entry for this. e__e; But I will definitely try!

2011-03-18 [Akayume]: Tell more people! :P :P

I know everyone's busy. So long as no one forgot. XP

2011-04-19 [Akayume]: One entry!

2011-04-19 [Marlene'Jacques]: is hard to find inspiration :(

2011-04-19 [sweet.tx.tea]: I will work on my entry, tonight! <3

2011-04-19 [Akayume]: Huzzah!

2011-04-19 [Akayume]: @Sera: Oh no! :(

2011-04-20 [Marlene'Jacques]: I know :( 'tis is horrid as so wanted to enter as well...

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