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Play Dead, by Anne Frasier review

This book was quite enjoyable and a pretty fast read. It's part detective story/police procedural with just a touch of the supernatural, set in Savannah, GA and revolves around revivified 'corpses', i.e. zombies. The zombies are actually victims of TTX, or tetrodotoxin, so, technically, they were never dead to begin with, but usually end-up dead in the end.

The main character, Elise, is the daughter of a prominent white voo-doo practitioner, though he died before she was born, and her mother abandoned her as an infant in a grave yard, so she's got a bit of baggage to deal with. Her partner, David, was an FBI agent, but, for reasons of his own, was transferred to the Savannah Police department. No new, ground-breaking writing or character creation there, of course, but the story is otherwise interesting as it delves into the world of voo-doo in a setting other than New Orleans, which is where stories of this type frequently take place.

/ [Ms. Steel]

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