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2006-09-23 12:43:19
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Pirate Guild - Banner Competition

-Now Open-

Hosted by The Pirate Guild


Argh! Wot's This Then?

Argh! The time has come ye scurvy dogs, for us ta upgrade our banner! We be looking for originality and somethin' real swish like. Don't be afraid ta have a go, 'cause we'll keep all of em! Har har har!

current banner.



* No ART THIEVERY. Art thieves will be tied up, and thrown overboard. As well as being banned from the guild!

* All arts must be yer own! No makin' collages with Captain Jack Sparrow or Legolas ya hear? Those that does use arts not their own will be considered an Art Thief. Read above to see what we does with those.

* It must say "The Pirate Guild@wiki" somewhere on it. Otherwise how will other sea dogs find us?

* Now this ain't exactly a rule, but generally a banner is kind of flag shaped. Kind of longer at the tops and bottoms, and shorter at the sides. Just something ta keep in mind.

* 500 pixels wide at the most. 1 pixel over, and you walk the plank. (Or we might ask you to resize ;p)

* 3 entries per person.

* Limit - 20 entrants



Argh! So yer wanting prizes too?! Well, we are pirates...
Ok, so we'll have a dig around in our treasure and come up with some sort of shiny for participants and an even better shiny for the winner.

A donation of 20Euro will also be made to Elftown on behalf of the winner so you can get the limit of pictures taken off yer house!
If said winner already got them, well then I guess they can nominate who they want the prize to go to!


Enter At Yer Own Risk

Pirate Guild Banner - Entries



Back to The Pirate Guild

Skull by [Ittai]

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2006-09-05 [Demon Epona]: Oooh, sounds fun! Did you guys know that September 19th is international talk like a pirate day?!

2006-09-05 [Linderel]: This whole Pirate Guild thing was inspired by last year's Talk Like a Pirate Day. ;)

2006-09-05 [Demon Epona]: Really?

2006-09-05 [pixish]: Yes, really ;p

2006-09-05 [Demon Epona]: Cool.

2006-09-05 [pixish]: There is a link to the wiki on the main page of The Pirate Guild

2006-09-07 [ally]: No makin' collages with Captain Jack Sparrow or Legolas ya hear
*giggles* "Legolas"

2006-09-07 [pixish]: :3

2006-09-09 [Ittai]: ^___^ Hey! my skull is actually used! ^___^

2006-09-09 [pixish]: yesh! :p It is awesome ^_~

2006-09-09 [pixish]: I even had both up at the beginning but it looked better with only one :$

2006-09-10 [Remos Page]: may have to enter this one

2006-09-10 [pixish]: please do ^_~

2006-09-23 [Zab]: hmm..shouldn't it be ''the pirate guild@wiki'' instead of ''pirate guild@wiki'' in the rules, by the way?

2006-09-23 [pixish]: umm yes :0

2006-09-23 [Zab]: XD Thought so..

2006-09-23 [pixish]: fixed now ^^

2006-09-23 [Zab]: I saw. ^_^ Whee!

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