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2005-03-25 03:19:20
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*~*~*~*~PINEAPPLE DISGUST~*~*~*~*

If you do not like the taste, smell, look, feeling, or anything else that a pineapple has, does, or is... then this is the place for YOU!!!

If a pineapple has ever caused body harm to you or someone you know... then this is the place for YOU!!!

This page was designed as a jumping off place, if you must, for people such as yourself to share and discuss pineapples and their complete lack of dominance... or anything else really, just as long as you have fun!!

Now, if you would like to join, please put your name under the 'Member List' and eventually, when we have a badge, please place it in your house!!

*~Member List if you please~*

[Fluff]... now I have created this page becasue of an incident I had a couple of months ago between my thumb, a hunger cramp, and a can of pineapples... now... I suffer pineapple disgust!!
[Tyrana]... I join in support of Kati's tradgic event... I witnessed the terrible result of the encounter with the pineapple can... it was unspeakably horrible... I'll never be the same...
[psychobunny07] i join cuz finally theres other ppl out there beside me that hate pineapple! they told me i was crazy! they told me i was the only one that hated it! theyre wrong!
[foxtrotter] because no one should have to endure what poor fluff has been through. we must end the tyranny of the pineapple! destroy them all!
[dr] Burn them!!! Burn them all!!!!
[Evil Faerie Feline] joining due to a water fight that got out of hand and we started throwing pineapple at each other (and i want to get my name on another list =)
[Snowflame] SQUISHHH!!!die, pineapple, die....
[Lady AEthelflaed]yes!! pineapples must...well, i kind of like pineapples, but oh well!! they...make my mouth sore...and kati is my that is a good enough reason for me!!
[Ukia] I never knew pineapples were evil . . . I'll take them out for everyone who hate them! I shall SNARF all pineapples! *goes in search of evil pineapples to snarf into oblivion*
[rawr] PINEAPPLE'S ARE EEEEEEVVVVIILLLLL!!! like pineapple moose
[raven1777] Pinapples should die....
[Amalind] I actually like pineapples, but I'm here so often I figured I'd add my name.
[Lord Dragonlock] I'm allergic to pinapples, they make me spew up if I swallow them, so I support you...
[Miss.Kayree] DIE PINEAPPLES!!! DIE!!

Username (or number or email):


[Fluff]: aww... you're very flattering!!... thank you!!... you're quite house yourself there Danielle...

[Amalind]: I just read 100 Years of Solitude (yes, this should be underlined) for class, and the first thing I thought of after your comment was the insomnia plague.

[Miss.Kayree]: EVIL PINEAPPLES!!! ..i'm joining..

[raven1777]: you better! lol

[Fluff]: Pineapples are good... don't get me wrong... but that's their cover... vicious little fruits... pfff!!

[raven1777]: eww wno way jose! theyre gross.... they taste like death

[Fluff]: Oh... and yes... insomnia is RUINING my LIFE!!!...

[raven1777]: yes, it tends to do that

[CrystalBlaze]: hola!

[Fluff]: Hola!!!... and how are you on this fine day??

[CrystalBlaze]: ok u

[Fluff]: Oh I am just peachy... thank you!!... although... I do have a ton of homework I SHOULD be doing... but ElfTown is just so much more fun!!

[Amalind]: I haven't any more homework! Haha! Sorry to rub it in, you know (but that's not going to stop me from doing it anyway:).

[dr]: Bwahaha! My last day of school is tomorrow! :D :D :D

[Fluff]: Well LA-TI-DA for you two!!!... jk... that's wonderful... [Tyrana] and I on the other hand have about three weeks left... I think... hmmm...

[dr]: aww...that sucks...

[CrystalBlaze]: me hungy

[Fluff]: So... just to me relive my pineapple poptop experience... my mother decides to get me a little something that I can stare and reminise at forever!! Let me explain... so my mother egts a small package in the mail yesterday... ever happen to you, happened to her... thus, I didn't think anything of it!! Later on in the evening, after she opens it, she approaches me with a small creature like thing in the palm of her hand!! Yes... you guessed it.. my mother got me a small nick-nack of a little mouse hugging a fuzzy pineapple!! The only words my mother then said to me were 'let's hope you don't cut yourself on this one'...

[Amalind]: LOL! 

[dr]: XDDD

[CrystalBlaze]: Me need chocolate . . .

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