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2005-07-27 02:55:05
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Pimps and Pimpettes


and make yourself at home.
Bring your hoes and your slaves here and have as much fun as you like.

The Master Pimp

[Stinger(Warm Blooded Killers)]

The Mistress Pimpette

[Dark Vampire Queen]

Please feel free to add your name to the members list and your hoes and slaves aswell.

These members are Pimps

[Stinger(Warm Blooded Killers)] i am the KING PIMP
[Dark Wizard] The Mayor Pimp
[allied] vampire follower seeking a mistress
[tomfucker]Country pimp
[take me home and feed me]who's ur daddy
[pimpin_shorty07]Got bitches?
[The Gentleman] Mixing business and pleasure.
[Grrt] You Got Sumthin To Say Bitch?
[Muffin Man] =D why not! who wants some crumpet
[pop-n-fresh] on the market 8D*bling bling*
[White.Lime] You know you're my bitch!
[FiveStarPimp] Dont make me lay down the pimp hand

These members are Pimpettes

[Dark Vampire Queen]
[circus snatch]
[Rainsong Greenleaf]
[Lizzie Diamond]
[Danielle_rae]- I own you damnit
[sexigurl] u r mine
[QUEEN~*~LATINA] i'ma bad ass pimpette (^_~) U MEN BETTA HAVE MAH MONEY U BETTA STAY OUTA MAH WAY, i'm da worst a da worst mah mama was cursed.
[~SeXy LiL ShOrTy~] : u know u want this!!! lol
[Qban_Ang3l] Imma crazy ass latin Pimp3tt3.. i got my m3n lik3 bitch3s and i g3t wat i want wh3n i want it! N dats fo r3al!
[*Beautiful Angel*] I know what i want and when i want something i make sure i get what i want!
[*Clause Patent*]
[~:*:~Forgotten wings~:*:~]
[Dark Sekret Love] you know it!!! I'm a fucking pimpette!!! And damn good at it too! haha. you wish you were a pimpette like me!
[sexy step 15] Holla! Thas rite i'm a pimpette bitch!
[DoneWithET] dont deny it i own all of ya'll
[TAKE YOUR PILLS.©] big pimp-etting...
[~*(^GONE^)*~] a pimpette
[georgie porgie]
[pixie dust420] damn skippy bow down before tha pimpette!
[86trista04] big pimpetting ova herre lol j.k
[sexii_leslie] i cant deny being a pimpette!!

These members are Hoes

[kylei01108]just to let y'all know i am bisexual and pround of it
[Mr. 4gotten]- ur personal man whore
[*:·.¤ SwEeT DeSiRe ¤.·:*]
[scum buckett]
[**La Rosa**]
[Dark Druid]
[Fayntlie McAbbre]
[Lycaon pictus]
[Pink_Pixie] How wood you like it?

These members are Slaves

[barutha] don't hurt me.
[sexy step 15]I'm a slave to two guys and the sexys them only! They own me!
[la vie lemon] no comment
[CanUKeepUp] im [~*(^GONE^)*~]'slave
[86trista04] secretly i live two lives sex kitten to sum pimpette to others lol
[cati]im a slave to anyone

[sister of charity]me 2


We will have a banner coming soon! If you have any suggestions you can add them to the banner page. Pimps and Pimpettes Banner on your home page

So if you wanna join just add your name to the list you belong in and make sure you put the banner in your home page. Other than that, relax, sit down, get your hoes and slaves to get your drinks and feel at home!

Username (or number or email):


2004-12-18 [forestfarie]: ello

2005-01-21 [sexy step 15]: ello

2005-03-12 [fungyew]: ill show u why it called the pimphand

2005-03-13 [sexy step 15]: oh yeah show me then

2005-03-30 [sexy step 15]: Hello?

2005-04-09 [sexy step 15]: right..

2005-06-21 [LaDy_DrAc]: hi

2005-06-24 [sexy step 15]: HI

2005-06-28 [LaDy_DrAc]: wut up

2005-06-29 [sexy step 15]: nm u

2005-07-09 [LaDy_DrAc]: n2m chilling

2005-07-09 [sexy step 15]: awesome

2005-07-27 [fungyew]: hey peoples u should also join my wiki pimpdaddy u should or at least check it out

2005-07-27 [LaDy_DrAc]: ok

2005-07-29 [sexy step 15]: I already did.. so psh

2005-07-31 [Wyndon]: Does anyone need a love slave?I'm up for adoption!

2005-07-31 [LaDy_DrAc]: lol rlly

2005-08-01 [Wyndon]: Yup!

2005-08-01 [LaDy_DrAc]: kewl

2005-08-01 [Wyndon]: ^^Anyone interested?

2005-12-23 [pixie dust420]: sup?

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