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Pillowthief's Art 2


Paintings And Artwork:

Note on Artwork: Most paintings are done with blacklight paint which is 49c a bottle at wallmart.
Pictures are hard to take as the artist had to hold a blacklight and a camera while keeping another blacklight and the painting in position. Please forgive any blurry or bad pictures as the artist is understaffed and poor.

"Desert Rose" 5'-2'6" (Updated photo- Final)

"Grass Grows" 2'6"-2'6"

"Ocean Blue" 2'6"-2'6"

"Guitar" It's my baby...

"Seaweed" 4'-3'6" (I need to get a better picture of this, It's accually alot closer to "Grass Grows"'s green color...)

"Parallel Skies" 2'6"-2'6"

"Candles" 1'6"-1'

"Ultima" 3'-3'

"Fear" Sorry, this one's just a sketch of Fear, the origional is a big mural painted upside down on the ceiling of an old broken down camper. (Multi-color with yellow, purple, red and orange) (It's BA.)

<img300*0:>   <img0*150:>   <img0*150:stuff/U%3ANolove.jpg>

Both of these are the same, although niether showed up very well. The second is probably the closest as it incorporates the bright colors, however the blue is supposed to be quite dark. I'll see if I can get better pictures next time... Ha! Finally got me self inked.

"Pain T" (Man, I should take this one off, I must have been drunk when I did this one. Horrible)

"Cowardence" Although the purple didnt show up.... Bad picture.

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2004-12-14 [sammi]: i dont think u r a stalker i actually like you you seem really cool you go after wat u love and i respec that

2004-12-14 [Pillowthief]: I used to be a stalker. Im not anymore. Now I fight Stalkerism....Stalker Haters United

2004-12-14 [Revolution]: thanks, Sammi.

2004-12-14 [Pillowthief]: I realized that I was one. Ive had too many and know what it feels like.

2004-12-14 [Pillowthief]: Creeped out. Like what youre making me feel. (DELTETE!)

2004-12-14 [Pitch_me_Please?]: AWWWWW... U R LOVED *HUGGLES*

2004-12-14 [Pillowthief]: ........Huggles?!? WTF?? *Creeped out again*

2004-12-14 [Pillowthief]: I feel a deleting coming on......Nope. Wait a minute..............there it is. (Delete)

2004-12-24 [It Was a Pleasure to Burn]: Very interesting artwork. I like the randomness of it, but even randomness can be methodical. Very nice though.

2004-12-29 [V Sama]: Does this guy do performance art as well?

2004-12-29 [Pillowthief]: I am a man of many talents! First I submit someone into a contest using her own pic, then I spash paint everywhere!

2005-01-15 [pen and paper set my life]: I'm not emailin ya how it isnt art cuz it is... *loves it*

2005-01-22 [Katisama]: sweet

2005-01-23 [crystaal]: iszy, your pretty *big smile*

2005-01-25 [Pillowthief]: Wait a just called me fat the other day! I still cant figure out whether you feeding me those sandwiches was trying to fatten me up, or put me on a diet. Either way, they were pretty good...

2005-01-28 [BluePixie]: hey. love the new paintings, especially all 3 "desert rose" ones..... sell me some of your art dammit!

2005-01-28 [Pillowthief]: Also, unfortunately Desert Rose was way too big to get a picture of (the camera doesnt bring out the blacklight color after about two feet), so those are just teasers. Their about 3"x3" compared to the painting of about 5'x3'

2005-01-31 [BluePixie]: i kind of figured that it was pretty big from the pics

2005-02-02 [ElizabethSwann]: Beautiful work as always! Desert rose 2 is amazing!

2005-02-02 [Pillowthief]: Of course, Crazy Jade.

2005-05-03 [General]: I likeh the bloody heart....

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