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Pillowthief's Art 2


Paintings And Artwork:

Note on Artwork: Most paintings are done with blacklight paint which is 49c a bottle at wallmart.
Pictures are hard to take as the artist had to hold a blacklight and a camera while keeping another blacklight and the painting in position. Please forgive any blurry or bad pictures as the artist is understaffed and poor.

"Desert Rose" 5'-2'6" (Updated photo- Final)

"Grass Grows" 2'6"-2'6"

"Ocean Blue" 2'6"-2'6"

"Guitar" It's my baby...

"Seaweed" 4'-3'6" (I need to get a better picture of this, It's accually alot closer to "Grass Grows"'s green color...)

"Parallel Skies" 2'6"-2'6"

"Candles" 1'6"-1'

"Ultima" 3'-3'

"Fear" Sorry, this one's just a sketch of Fear, the origional is a big mural painted upside down on the ceiling of an old broken down camper. (Multi-color with yellow, purple, red and orange) (It's BA.)

<img300*0:>   <img0*150:>   <img0*150:stuff/U%3ANolove.jpg>

Both of these are the same, although niether showed up very well. The second is probably the closest as it incorporates the bright colors, however the blue is supposed to be quite dark. I'll see if I can get better pictures next time... Ha! Finally got me self inked.

"Pain T" (Man, I should take this one off, I must have been drunk when I did this one. Horrible)

"Cowardence" Although the purple didnt show up.... Bad picture.

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2005-05-03 [General]: I likeh the bloody heart....

2005-05-10 [Necavi]: Amazing... I love your art. v..v; I would be jealous, but... I havnt tried doing that. Its awesome.

2005-05-10 [Pillowthief]: Jesus Christ! Someone accually left a comment!

2005-05-24 [ally]: *stalks* Oh how beautiful: how colourful! how ful of energy! (How twisted: some of them :p)Too bad I had to wait so long before everything was uploaded O.o

2005-07-04 [black_kittie89]: i really loved it all but my fav was the bloody hart, i loved it because it just means alot to me i like your art work, write me back ok i would love to talk to u ,im krista

2005-07-05 [Pillowthief]: Uh.. thank you, I guess. I need to upload the rest. Im almost done with another which will be less splatter paint and more of a landcape type of painting. Hopefully it will look alright.

2005-11-30 [Revolution]: Did you paint 'Guitar' or is it a real guitar?

2005-11-30 [Pillowthief]: I painted my bass. Its my baby...

2005-12-02 [Revolution]: Okay.

2006-04-27 [emosaurus]: i love your art!

2006-10-13 [Pillowthief]: Desert Rose is now uploaded! The F*%@er took waaay to long to get up here. Sorry the middle looks dark, that picture (one of three I pieced together) didnt have as much blacklight exposure as the others. I need to have internet on my laptop so I can run it through Photoshop and fix it up, so that it looks alittle closer to real life.

2006-11-13 [deus-misereatur]: I'm sick with love for that guitar pic XD

2006-11-14 [Pillowthief]: I have that effect on people. Oh, I mean, my art does, yes.

2007-01-31 [Kimmibear26]: Wow they are really cool .<img:44166_1164145313.gif>

2007-03-15 [Acinorev Sillup]: Do you use blacklights on your paintings or does the blacklight paint just show that way in natural light?

2007-03-15 [nokaredes]: It says: "Pictures are hard to take as the artist had to hold a blacklight and a camera" so I'm going to guess he does, in fact, use a blacklight.

2007-03-15 [Acinorev Sillup]: I don't like to read little italic font I'm not wearing my glasses. Thanks :].

2007-03-16 [nokaredes]: I know what you mean; I broke my glasses a week ago.

2007-03-16 [Pillowthief]: They look like crap under real light. Thankfully I live in the dark.

2007-04-06 [scary_mary_]: Wonderful. All of it.

2007-05-26 [Foxy Shazam]: Ooh. I like your art. Don't see too much art like this anymore. People are generally more worried about drawing and sketching, these days. I really like 'Desert rose' and 'Ocean Blue'. 'Guitar', and 'Cowardence' are also nice to look at. ^^

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