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Reflective Skies

I look into your reflective eyes,
And see through to parallel skies
I see the mask I am,
My face in yours I can.
And when I need something to be,
When I need something to see,
I put on your reflective eyes,
And see through to parallel skies.
You see the mask you are,
Your face in mine, a sore.

Sword of Songs

The Western Wind follows the dreams,
From the night before,
Like the rains, they seem,
To be no more.
Out on the Desert Plains,
We finally find your shadow.
You can't be the only one,
That has one, oh,
My Sword of Songs,
Sweeps across the Land,
But it only seems,
To be of Sand.
The clouds they promise lots,
Of Heavenly rain,
But our only Hope is to just,
Remain sane.

   What are we fighting for?
   Why don't we accept our fate?
   We can't take much more,
   Or it might be too late.


Sleeping softly, the winds blow true.
You sleep so peacefully, under a sky so blue.
Laying so still, so quiet you be.
Sunshine lights your face, so beautiful I see.
Time is exiled, Fate stands still,
Chance stands in silence, Destiny has it's fill.
The battle subsides, both sides kneel and cry,
The overwhelming sorrow, as you give your last sigh.
Blood drips from my knife, so dark.
Too late! I feel your spirit embark.
The horror as I realize, what have I done?
Crying out in pain, I reach for the sun.
Hoping to burn, to escape the memory.
Why? I ask, I blame insainity.

Suffering for eternity, must be my fate.

No Name

I feel the stars throughout,
    The pinpricks of light that I see.
Untouchable without a doubt,
    I just can't let them be.

Mystical moonlight lights my face,
    Blotting out my being.
Giving me everything to taste,
    The desire that I'm feeling.

Come down from your star,
    Let my thoughts be your fix.
Be you near or far,
    You of all people, my Pheonix.

Dissapated Forever

Forsaken my love is,
Lost my heart is.
You abandoned it,
You destroyed it.
Will it come back?
Will you come back?
Put it back together?
Us come together?
Love each other,
Forgive each other?
Can it ever be?
It will Never be.
Forsaken my love is,
Lost my heart is.
You abandoned it,
You destroyed it.

At YouR DooRstep

It's late I know.
    Could I get the time?
If you want I'll go,
    But first let me say this rhyme.

Infinite are the feelings I,
    Have for you.
It should be easy as pie,
    To say "I love you too."

We both know it's not.
    Love is a two-edged sword.
Yes, we finally fought,
    But it's a stream we can fjord.

Time passes by,
    Faces fade.
Tangled in love I,
    Recognize shades of jade.

Beneath all the grime,
    I know there's you.
I don't care about time,
    Unless you're there too.

I would forget everything this day,
    To remember you.
What I'm meaning to say,
    Is, "I love you too."

The Games We Play

I picked you up,
    To drop you down.
There is nothing else,
    To do in this town.

I guess it's just a game,
    That we play.
But in the end,
    I wanted you to stay.

How could this happen,
    To someone like me?
I'm just so blind,
    That I can't see.

To see your love,
    Ringing true.
What was so different,
    This time with you?

It was a game,
    You changed the rules,
It's too late to stop,
    We'll both look like fools.

Winds of Time

Too Late...
The Sword Parts Holy Being.
Is This My Fate,
Can This Be What Im Really Seeing?
Slowly She Dies,
So Beautiful, So Serene.
Like An Angel Flies,
Damn Him For Not Caring.
My Tears Taste Tart,
Like This Rhyme.
Away My Heart,
On The Winds Of Time...
    Oh Aeris...

Love Hates

Love means Hate,
Hate means Silence.
There's nothing to debate,
There's nothing else inside us.

Red and Burning,
Sick and Churning.
Broken and Free,
Hopeless I see.

Not finished...


As Black as Dispair,
On a Cloudy Night,
Over a Moonless Pool....
While Watching Dew Form,
On a Broken Rose.

Christmas Blight

The Christmas Blight,
Comes in the Night.
Annoying Songs,
And Banging Gongs.
Joyful People Singing,
About Presents They're Bringing.
I Can't Take It Anymore!
Everyday I Wake Up Sore.
I Know What!
But I Shouldnt Do That.
I Could, Pretend To Care,
And Then Prepare,
To Carry Out My Plan.
Precautions, As I Can,
For If I Get Caught,
Everything Will Be For Naught.
How Happy I Will Be,
How Joyous, Just You See.
I Will Definately Do A Cant'a,
Right After I Kill Santa.


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2004-11-20 [Eeddie]: i luv it.

2004-12-06 [Rabid]: You have to send me any new poems.I don't care if you don't want to.You must.Since I won't be able to read them on here anymore

2004-12-06 [Pillowthief]: *Emails poems.....*

2004-12-10 [la vie lemon]: I'm gonna watch them all in advance too...I'm sick (thanks Allie) I've got the time to type them all in...

2004-12-11 [Pillowthief]: ?    .....What?

2004-12-11 [nokaredes]: she was over here when I was sick and now she's sick...and home from school.

2004-12-11 [Pillowthief]: ....Still confused, but not about The Lemon being sick

2004-12-11 [nokaredes]: oh...well then why?

2004-12-11 [Pillowthief]: whats she watching?

2004-12-11 [nokaredes]: nothing, anymore. she was watching pillowkeeper 3, 4, 5, etc.

2004-12-11 [Pillowthief]: so are you.............

2004-12-11 [nokaredes]: no I'm just watching this one.

2004-12-12 [Pillowthief]: uh huh......Stalker.....

2004-12-12 [nokaredes]: thanks.

2004-12-12 [Pillowthief]: Welcome!

2007-01-31 [Pillowthief]: Man... these poems suck. Did I not have any talent at all when I was younger?

2007-02-04 [Cascading water lillies]: There are some nice poems here, I especially like the 'Suffering' one.

2007-02-04 [Pillowthief]: *senses sarcasm, but doesnt mention anything as that would be read as a plead of sympathy and attention, unmerrited and unwanted*

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