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2008-07-17 18:51:11
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And the winner is...[Diede.] followed extermely close by [Perplexity] and [Cia_mar].


Picture #8

1. [Alexi Ice] Whatever you do, don't fart!
2. [Diede.] - "I like big butts and I cannot lie"
3. [blood_fairy21]- Ooo, waz dis ting do?!?
4. [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] I've found the ultimate hide and seek spot!
5. [Lady of Lore] "No fair, your daiper comes with pockets!? I'm gonna put my cookies in there from now on."
6. [Fearathress] "Oooo this looks like a colorful dipper. I wonder if it comes off if I pull this."
7. [Cia_mar] - "I am a MASTER pick pocket! Camouflaging cannot hide your pockets from ME!!!"
8l [Lothuriel] - Schaweeet!! I totally pwned that slight of hand roll! I wonder if he has a bag of holding in there somewhere?" so sayeth the parties' halfling rogue
9. [Perplexity] The photographic evidence that finally busted the infamous "Child Tailoring Ring" at Abu Ghraib. News at 11.
10. [Anvikit] Just as I thought, these army pants are total knock-offs.

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