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And the Winner is [Calico Tiger], followed by [Cia_mar] and [Lothuriel] Keep up the good work.


Picture #7

1. [Alexi Ice] - And the winner for the most rediculously dressed award goes too...
2. [Cia_mar] - And introducing Dumb Donald's cousin, Witless William, the newest Fat Albert Cosby Kid!
3. [Lothuriel] - Atomic Wedgie anyone?
4. [Lady of Lore] - When you know you've let your kid watch the Muppets too much.
5. [Arthemis] - This is clearly a case of failed personification of a Ghost Incognito.
6. [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] - The new superhero costume seemed to have some budget cuts.
7.[Iske] - I expected a lot more from contectlenses ! More comfort my a**!!-
8.[blood_fairy21]-Stain?! I don't see no stain, Ma!
9. [Fearathress]- Are you sure this will help me see better?
10. [Calico Tiger] - I am Cornholio!

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