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And the winners are...[arthemis_], followed by [Cia_mar] and [Calico Tiger].

All of the quotes made me laugh, and a few made me fall off my chair, don't give up, there are more pictures!


Picture #6

1. [Zab]: "This is not what it looks like..."
2. [Fearathress] "Oh come on, with this face, you can't possibly chose that pretzel over me."
3.[Lady of Lore] "You wouldn't dare put that lid on!"
4.[Cia_mar] "Who did you expect, the Taco Bell Dog?"
5. [Lothuriel] - Dog in a jar...the best diet plan EVER! Get yours today at a drugstore nearest you!
6.[Evilmonk]Thats NOT a pretzel in there...
7. [Perplexity] There was gross neglect and violation of health codes at the pretzel factory.
8. [Calico Tiger]: "Not even pets are safe from censorship"
9.[Iske] " and where did the name HOT-dog came from you said..?"
10. [Diede.] -note on jar- 'May contain living mammals'
11. [Anvikit] "OH SNAP!"
12. [NOOOPE] "And in first place... dog in a pretzel jar."
13. [Alexi Ice] - "I am one twisted pup..."
14. [arthemis_] "No HotDog you can't join, you are disqualified for this Nascar race, your car doesn't even got wheels and you are not wearing a helmet!"

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