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2009-03-21 19:58:18
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And the Winner is [XxTsomexX] AND [Daisy le Fleur]! followed by [Lothuriel].


Picture #34

1. [XxTsomexX] "Oh yeah baby! Make way for the next Michael Phelps!!"
2. [Lady of Lore] "Press the button mister, I'm ready to enter the Matrix."
2. [Surimia] Baby pictures viewing, commence. Safety goggles required.
3. [Lothuriel] "Now, I'm totally prepared for Aunt Mae's visit. Slobbery kisses? Bring it!"
4. [Daisy le Fleur] "K, logging into AOL Messenger. Ooo she wants me on webcam!..'Sup shawty? A/S/L?!"

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2009-03-18 [XxTsomexX]: who won?

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