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2009-01-10 15:49:49
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And the winner is [Flisky] and [Surimia]


Picture #31

[The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] "hey babe, what's up?"
[Surimia] "Durn Paparazzi. How's a LOLCat supposed ta git on a new veggie diet wit'out choo people makin' jokes about it?"
[Flisky] Almost got it...Wait...There! Stupid popcorn kernals always getting stuck in my teeth!
[arthemis_] "Me, smoking the greenery? How did ya figure that out?"
[Daisy le Fleur] "Fancy Feast MY ASS!!...Frickin starvin out here..this twig'll have to do"
[Iske] " Welcom all, today I'm gonna talk about my newest invention : the whiskers-comb... D**mN F*** It got stuck, help
[Anvikit] ..Dude, you gotta try this cat nip.. like woah.. 
[blood_fairy21] Ooo look! Spearmint... Awwww wait a second its stuck...
[TheRogue] "Almost....almost...Booger Kitteh no likey tiny kitteh noseholes.."
[Trina..] "I likes my trees."

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