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And the winner is [TheRogue] and [Daisy le Fleur]!


Picture #30

1. [Flisky] Even at a young age, the Wicked Witch of the East's parents were pushing her to be as talented as her sister.
2. [Perplexity] Little Cinderella held onto the hope that one day her evil step sisters would get what's coming to them.
3. [Trina..] "You aren't takin' my magazines are ya? B*tch, I'll zap yew."
4. [Daisy le Fleur] "Dad..Seriously?? You know regs state that this thing is supposed to have a car seat installed..Come on.."
5. [Perplexity] "Don't give me those sad, doe-eyes, young lady. Everyone has to pull their own weight around here with the chores. Get to cleanin'!"
6. [Anvikit] Hey daddy.. Mines bigger than yours! ... your broom I mean..
7. [blood_fairy21]"Look everybody! I'm Harry Potter!" 
8. [Surimia] "Eat your heart out, Kiki's Delivery Service."
9. [Iske].. " One day I'll fly away, Leave your mess to clean up to yesterday..."
10. [TheRogue] "Click the top button once, then the second button 3 times..hold the top and second button to arm the security system.. Damn I hate these foreign instructions! Screw it.. just go fly we'll figure out the alarm later.."
11. [arthemis_] "Daddy I asked a Nimbus 2001, but this is nice too, now I can even take my friends into the air!"

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