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2008-06-23 19:49:37
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Ok, this winner was chosen by one of the men in the picture, my husband. He chose [Lady of Lore] and [Perplexity]. He did, however, say he enjoyed all the quotes.


Picture #3

1. [Perplexity] Alpha Company proves that the "boy band" is not dead when their hit "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy" climbs the charts to number one.
2. [Lady of Lore] Yes, we do parties.
3. [Amtharnis] Flying by the seat of your pants isn't all it is cracked up to be.
4. [arthemis_] The goverment has concluded that the best way to gain the so needed expenses was to star in a sunglasses commercial, the soldiers however didn't exactly think this was a good idea.

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