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2009-01-10 15:53:04
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And the winner is [Trina..] and [TheRogue]


Picture #29

1. [Surimia] Maybe it's natural. Maybe it's Maybelline.
2. [Flisky] You can't see me watching you.
3. [Daisy le Fleur] "The latest trend in men's fashion this season is the dashing George Washington camouflauge! Get yours today & wow the ladies!"
4. [Trina..] "I'm not bald! Do you not see my... oh wait.. you can't see it... it's camoufluage!!"
5. [Iske] : It started with a green dot...and...
6. [TheRogue] In some parts of the country, Mario is not the chosen character of celebration, rather one of his nemesis the 'goomba'. One can always tell a goomber at conventions for.. obvious reasons...

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2009-01-02 [TheRogue]: eh.. winner?

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