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And the Winner is [Daisy le Fleur] followed by [Anvikit]


Picture #28

[Daisy le Fleur] - "John had aged considerably, his hair having grown white, whilst awaiting his wife's next move in their ongoing game of Scrabble"
[Anvikit] Dear god, I don't ask for much.. but if you could do me this one favor... Please help my wife make her choice before I die of boredom.. Amen.
[The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] No honey, yzfkieq is not a real word."
[Flisky] Grandma! Grandpa fell asleep again! Can I steal his z?
[Surimia] *Om nom nom* Jilly darling, if you don't stop eating the Scrabble tiles off your fingers, I am going to leave you.
[Iske] HE :"4 letter word starting with a F... 3th row on your left MArie-Claire, on your left..." SHE :" They told me I would be a pro after 2 courses of mind-reading... WHat the F... is he thinking???"
[Trina..] "Gal-Damnit, I TOLD you.... "Hizzle" is NOT a real WORD."
[TheRogue] *looking down at the tiles* You say you want me to go get a kitchen knife while Morrie is napping and do WHAT?!*

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