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And the winner is [Anvikit] followed by [Trina..] and [Surimia]


Picture # 26

1. [XxTsomexX] When all else fails, use clean fresh drinking water to take a bath! No worries, it'll only get a little dirty...
2. [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] Water Aerobics: That's not how you do it.
3. [Anvikit] The truth behind your "purified" drinking water.
4. [Trina..] THe LAST Melo- I mean, JUG.
5. [Flisky] This gives a new meaning to good, clean fun.
6. [TheRogue] Yes, a high percentage of deaths occur in the bathtub, but I don't think this is what they meant by drowning...
7. [Daring Silence]Guess this whole 'bondage' thing is a real setback in the tub. Hum, I should have thought this through.
8. [Surimia] Atlantis to Houston, we are clear at one hundred-thirty-five degrees, prepare for launch in T-minus thirty seconds.
9. [pegasus1000] Who knew that pollution had gotten so bad.
10. [Iske] Ohhhhhhhhh no I did not put one HAND on the boozzzzzz hips..
xho now ID wid Not... hips hips ....Shaken not strubrbbbed ...
11. [Dark Side of the Moon] While trying to bottle her bathtub gin, the maker's daughter toppled right in. Mum tried to save her; but little girl was braver and swam swiftly away. The juniper berries did water ballet while between her dainty feet she held the bottle and whooped "hooray!" She splished and she splashed and she got pretty smashed but, hey, she don't care.

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