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And the winner is [Trina..]! Followed by [Anvikit] and [Flisky].


Picture #25

1. [Flisky] "On his first day out, keychain kitty was a huge hit."
2. [XxTsomexX] The cat looks like hes about to punch the camera... too bad the hands and the chains are keeping him from doing so.
3. [Maeve104] "How many tiems has I told you? I HATES TEH CROCS!"
4. [Iske] Mi-ooh-WHAT... Female creatures are to be chained to their kitchen where they belong... NO Mi-ooow WAY.. These crocs are made for walking..."
5. [Anvikit] My plans for world domination start NOW.
6.] [Trina..] MOVE OVER PUSS IN BOOTS. Puss in Flops is the new cool cat.
7. [Anvikit] Cat: I hate you so much right now.. If you hadn't had me declawed your ass woulda soo been mine by now..

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