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And the winner is [TheRogue] AND [Flisky]!


Picture #24

[Daisy le Fleur]- Even though his bride-to-be protested, John decided he just couldn't wait for the honeymoon.
[TheRogue] Wedding dress $800. Tuxedo $600. Bridal Flower arrangement $200. Processing over doggy poo on your wedding day...Priceless.
[Flisky] (another motivational poster thingy) Love Offering to carry your bride's flowers and train even though it makes you look whipped.
[The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] "You appear to have a small child hidden under there ma'am."
[Perplexity] Ted, never one for patience, could not wait another minute to consummate the marriage.
[Trina..] "Wait.. you're not my fiance!"
[Iske] euhmm.. where did the flowergirl go...? A second ago she was right in front of me.... ""The Bride (after she found out where the flowergirl went) : did she come out yet hunny ?"
[Sylvia Rote] If you're wondering where all the guests are, the bride ate them.
[Anvikit] Bride:"Does this dress make my butt look fat?" .. Groom:"Here, let me check.." ;D

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