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2008-10-30 19:45:09
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And the winner is [Trina..] followed by [TheRogue] and [Dark Side of the Moon]


Picture #22

[Lothuriel] - "They see me rollin, they hate it...gonna try n catch me ridin dirty," Dude, check out my chic magnet! 
[Trina..] I think my tractor's sexy... It really does turn me on...I don't care if SHE thinks my tractor's sexy....
[Lady of Lore] "Awwww yeeaaah, check me out...staying in the lines...I ain't never letting him touch this wheel..."
[xXxDarkRosexXx] "They've been called the 'Herbie' of tractor racing: their vehicle is much older than the others, but it has superpowers!"
[Daisy le Fleur] "Yeah baby you like my tricked out ride? Whatdya say I come by later, pick you up..we'll go muddin' on this beast..*smooch*"
[Flisky] Guy #1 "It's a humvee!" Guy #2 "It's a tractor!" Guy #1 "It's a huctor!" Guy #2 "And you're an idiot."
[Dark Side of the Moon] With his favourite red bandana tied charmingly round the tractor’s exhaust pipe, Ted thought it was going to be a great day of mud lane racing with his best pal, Jimmy. That is until Jimmy started making kissy-faces at the other guys…
[Iske] " no no no I told myself I was not going to cry because of outreaching speed.. it was too ...f**ing slooooooooooohhoooooow....""
[TheRogue] Tired of dial up? Switch now to High Speed DSL and stop crawling along the internet...

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2008-11-11 [Trina..]: So did not know that I won.

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