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And the Winner is...[Daisy le Fleur], followed by [Iske] and [TheRogue]


Picture #20

[TheRogue] Finger Puppet Kitteh says WRONG HOLE!
[Daisy le Fleur] *announcer guy* Coming this Fall, New from Paramount Pictures.. Blaire Witch Kitty "I'm sooo scared out here in the dark!!"
[Iske]never thought that it would be so hard to swallow a human; but I wont give up... ghmmmhmhm
[Trina..] You're mine now! RAWR!
[Lothuriel] Statistics say humans hold 15% more nutritional value than chicken...too bad they taste like sour lemons mixed with rotten cheese.
[Perplexity] "Smell my finger, kitty."  Kitty: "Was this up your butt?"
[The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] "Do that again and I'll punch you in the face."
[Anvikit] Hai! Dis No Tastey Cheezburger! Where My Cheezburger??
[Sylvia Rote] And this is where finger go after it been up nose.

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