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And the Winner is [XxTsomexX] followed by [Anvikit] and [Sylvia Rote].


Picture #19

[TheRogue] "Paw!... little Bubba won't let me finish readin' tha galdarn stocks again.. (Bubba Says) "I had them first you cretinous MOUTH BREATHER! AWAY WITH YOU before I urinate in your SIPPY CUP again!!"
2. [XxTsomexX] This picture is evidence of little Timmy stealing from his little brother, later used in family court. Little Timmy got 2 weeks of no T.V.
3. [Lothuriel] "Dang it boy! Give yer brother's head prop back! You know he can't hold up that melon without it!"
4. [Perplexity] "Aw, Daaad, do we HAFTA watch t.v.??? Just five more minutes of homework, pleeeeease???"
5. [Lady of Lore] "Mooooooomm...he's not letting me read my--oh my goodness what are you doing?!!!"
6. [Anvikit] New From Build-a-Bear!!! Your kids will be fighting to get their hands on the new Jumbo Stuffed Weenies And remember kids, You get to decide how hard or soft and cuddly you want it to be!!
7. [HardRockAngel] "What do you mean, "size isn't everything"?!"
8. [The Fuzzily Psychotic Llama is Dead] "OK, we have to be super silent so the enemy doesn't see us." "DINNER'S READY!" "Mum! you just jeapordised our mission!"
9. [Sylvia Rote] Holding hands; it's not done in just the Navy, anymore.
10.[Daisy le Fleur] "K, so according to the instructions..just add BBQ sauce and we'll have a giant Lil Smokey Sausage in no time..are you listening to me?"
11. [Trina..] Gimme Mah PILLEW!

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